You’re probably not a spambot – honest!

Sorry if you tried commenting before and was told you were a spambot.  I was trying out a plugin for wordpress, and apparently it thinks real people are spam bots.

Off with its head!  I uninstalled it, so hopefully people can comment as they please now!  So sorry about that!

Something else I need to turn off is WordPress’s automatic ability to ‘nofollow’ any links I add myself.  That will have to wait ’til later though, apparently I have a meeting to go to that I forgot about until Outlook reminded me!

Anyway, I would like to thank Monica @ Oh Fer Cryin’ Out Loud for letting me know my blog was being mean and blocking innocent people from commenting! And I’m sorry your link won’t get any SE credit until I fix THAT issue later.

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4 Responses to “You’re probably not a spambot – honest!”

  1. Monica (5 comments) said:


    Awww, no problem. I actually thought Akismet blocked me. I was really thinkin’ I did something wrong. LOL

    Let’s see if this goes through.

  2. Monica (5 comments) said:


    I’m commenting! Whoooot!


    Thanks! I’ll comment again soon. :geek:

  3. nw (8 comments) said:

    Actually it wasn’t Akismet that did it, it was another spam blocker plugin.

  4. Identity Crisis Girl (5 comments) said:

    Why do spammers have to make life hard for all of us? I cannot even count all the different ways they’ve annoyed me.

    P.S. Wowee, look at all the smilies! 😯