World of Warcraft

I started a new character tonight – a Draenei Shaman.  My husband chose a Draenei Mage.  When we play with the intent of grouping, we tend to pick characters in the same region, especially with the “refer a friend” bonus that we’re making use of right now.  He “referred” me and I created a new account, and now when we group we make 3x the experience, so we’re levelling up pretty quickly.  I’m already level 9, and we started playing maybe an hour ago?  I have about 600 more experience points to obtain and I’ll be level 10. :hay:

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  1. Christine (6 comments) said:

    I would love to get into WOW, but I have such a game addictive persoanlity, that I think iu would neglect a lot of the rest of my work that I need to get done. I am a huge lover of fanatasy fic, and I think I would love this game. Maybe one day when I retire, and nobody has demands on my time. Good Luck with your shaman!