World of Warcraft funny

Sometimes the titles to the quests in the game make me giggle.  They like to use puns a lot, parodies on stuff, things like that.

Yesterday, we got a quest out in Draenei land that really caught my eye.  The name of it looked REAALLY familiar.

“Precious and Fragile Things, Need Special Handling”

It was a quest to gather some ancient relics.

Can anyone guess where the name of it came from?

*hint* you can google that exact phrase, and the answer will come up on the first page.  Not the first LINK, but on the first page. 🙂


Anyway, I thought it was humorous.

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2 Responses to “World of Warcraft funny”

  1. Barbara (1 comments) said:

    This is a really nice layout. Blue is my favorite color and its relaxing being on your page. Good luck with blogging. I’m not sure if I have you listed on my site or not, I’m gonna check tonight when I have time and try and get everything updated.
    Barbara 🙂

  2. nw (8 comments) said:

    Thanks! It does have quite a calming effect, doesn’t it? I usually am a pink or purple person, but this color scheme just kind of clicked nicely.