Working for the weekend

Well, that should actually be, working ON the weekend.

Every now and then when our group gets buried with orders, our managers ask us to work extra on the weekend in exchange for comp time (since we are salaried, we don’t get OT). This is one of those weekends.

We’re getting one comp day for so many orders, and a 2nd if we work so many additional more than the first one.

I’ve got almost just enough for one comp day, and I’ve been at this for maybe an hour. Of course the orders I had sitting in my queue were fairly easy and fast, which helped a lot. I really don’t feel like doing a whole lot this weekend, so I may just stop at the minimum. I haven’t really decided yet. Two comp days would be nice, but… the rest of the stuff sitting in my queue is just annoying stuff, the kinds of things I’d rather put off until it’s just not possible to put it off any longer. Bleh. I’d rather be playing WoW or surfing for fun.

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