Watch out for Karma today – she’s cranky!

Traffic was bad this morning no matter which freeway we could have gone on, but we opted to choose the one that didn’t have a closure on an adjoining freeway.  It has a frontage road next to it, which we quickly exited onto before we got caught in the bumper to bumper slowness.

On the last leg of the frontage road before it ends and everyone still on it has to merge with the freeway, we watched as a little old nissan or hyundai in front of us started to drift into the next lane (where a HUGE Dodge pickup was immediately next to her) and then quickly swerve away to avoid crashing.  She was not paying attention to the road, she was either putting on her makeup or *something* that was distracting her, because she almost did it again not a minute later.

We get to the last street before the frontage road/freeway merge and there is a stop light – we have the red.  This gal decides to turn right.  The left turn lane from the exit ramp in the opposite direction has the green.  There are several 18 wheelers making this turn, and since they have the green light, they have full right of way.

Can you see where this is going?

We hear a very loud bang and clanking sound.  Since I am the passenger and don’t need to pay attention to the light, I see a cloud of dust over in the direction of one of the big trucks, but my full view is blocked by another car.  I immediately knew what had happened, though – Miss I-have-better-things-to-do-than-pay-attention-to-my-driving had gotten sideswiped by the truck.  Or more precisely, she hit the truck’s trailer with her front left fender.  We couldn’t get a good view of the aftermath except seeing a whole bunch of debris all over the road, and as we drove through our green light I could see her standing outside of her car afterwards (and the front left of the car was quite mangled).  She is very lucky she didn’t meet with the front of that big rig.

But she got her just desserts, Karma thanked her for her wreckless driving by getting her up close and personal with an 18 wheeler.  Stupid wench.  :oh:

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