Thinking about setting some goals

Over the weekend I came across a site that led me to pick up another domain and set up a couple more blogs, to try a different avenue to earn some extra money, hopefully, once things get rolling on the blogs.  One blog will be a review site for video games on all consoles, hopefully written by my husband and his best friend, and occasionally some posts by me as well.  The other blog will be reviews about the safety of products geared toward babies and toddlers.

Since I picked a generic domain name that has the word “review” in it – any blog I create would be review related. So I could set up any number of blogs reviewing pretty much anything.  I was thinking about setting up a blog for reviewing Apple products, and a generic gadget reviewing blog – both of which would be written by my husband and me.

Once they’re up and running I’ll include their links over in my sidebar so if you’re interested in the type of reviews those sites will be doing, you can easily find them and hop on over to read.

Anyway, with the addition of those blogs, I got to thinking, I should set some goals for the income I hope to eventually start bringing in between all of these sites I’m setting up.  My hope is that if I post them somewhere for both myself and anyone reading to see, it will make me more accountable for trying to reach those goals.

First and foremost, the greatest percentage would be going toward our accumulated debt.  I constantly feel like I’m carrying a huge weight on my back, worrying about how much debt we have, how long it will take to pay it off, not to mention HOW we’re going to pay it off, and constantly in fear that our checking account will start creaking under the strain and fall into the red.

Second, would be the percentage to set aside for taxes, should we make more than $600 before the end of the year.  If we make under that, then I will consider this percentage to be a boost toward Christmas gifts, or a head start on saving for taxes for 2009.  I’ll have to mull that one over.

And lastly, a small percentage to use to buy a small number of things that we NEED.  For instance, we could really use a new shower curtain, and I want to stop buying vinyl curtains – both for our health, and for the planet’s health.  I found a decent hemp curtain somewhere online (I’ll have to see if I bookmarked it), but it costs around $100, which is more than we can afford to pay for out of pocket right now.  So I think this will be one of the first things on my list of extras to get with this extra money.  Another item on this list would be a new kitchen faucet.  The one we have now leaks when it’s running, so it really needs to be replaced.

There are probably more “needs” I could come up with but I’ll save that for my goal list.  Right now I need to punch out a few more tasks at the day job before I can take the time to compile my goal list.  I don’t want to slack too much, ya know.  Gotta make it look like I’m doing something work related while I’m sitting here.  :laugh:

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