February 6th, 2009 @ 10:15 am

Unfortunately just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean it’s the end of my work week.  This weekend our manager is pressing us to work in our spare time to whittle away at our queue.   Our “perk” is extra work-from-home days depending on how many tasks we complete, and we can get up to a full week at home if we go for that number.

So, despite the fact that I’d rather laze around and enjoy my weekend, I will probably participate and shoot for that magic number, because, honstly – a full week without having to drive 45 miles one way to work??  It’s quite tempting.

I’ve also debated whether to take the five unpaid days off all in one week since I’m salaried and it’ll be broken up over my next ten paychecks anyway… but the first day I picked was Feb 16 because the daycare is closed that day for teacher training, and if I take that entire week off that means one less person working with the group to get our numbers down by the first of the next month.  So… I’ll save the other four days for different dates.  My husband and I may be going out of town at the end of the month for our anniversary so I may use one or two days for that depending on how long we’re out of town.

But it sure would be nice to take a full week off of work, though, without it impacting my personal vacation & sick time.  Ah well.  Not in the carts this time.

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