Test post using Gutenberg
August 8th, 2018 @ 2:40 pm
Catherinette Rings

Testing this out since I don’t do much with this blog anymore.┬áBlock with an image? This isn’t exactly intuitive. I had to poke around before I could figure out to get the text to wrap around this image. And if I don’t have enough text, the image will barge into the next block on the screen. This is kind of derpy if you ask me…┬áNever mind. That was just old, bad code. Fixed it!

Bigger text? In a blue box?

Writing text around this image to see how it will work this time. Seems to add formatted and aligned text around an image, the ‘block’ has to start its life as an image ‘block’. If it starts as a paragraph block and you add the image after, you are constrained to the text aligning to the bottom of the image only and not next to it like on this one… And I can’t seem to find whether you could edit a paragraph block to make its text wrap around the image like on an image block.

Now, let’s see how this presents on the front end.

But, no color settings on a Heading. Hmm…

This is just weird and will take some getting used to… And apparently the text I added in the blue box – hello bad line height on a constrained width section! I’ll have to figure out if that is something that I’d have to account for in the design’s CSS, or what.

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