Reconstruction complete

Whew.  That seemed to go off with only a minor hitch, which was easily corrected.  You probably may not notice much of a change from your perspective, but that is the way it should be.  All of the changes happened “behind the scenes”, so what I see when I work in the admin panel of […]

Beware, construction ahead

I am going to attempt to upgrade to WP 2.7 shortly. I hope all goes well… If not, I hope I can get things back to normal without a lot of headache. So if you visit this site and see a huge mess of HTML or nothing at all, well… Come back in a few […]

WordPress 2.7 is available – yay!

I’m giddy, but I can’t install it until I get home!!  Agh! Unfortunately I did not install it using my host’s autoinstaller, I installed it manually myself, so I have to download everything and unzip and back up stuff, blah blah, and then upload it to my host before I can try it out.  I’d […]

You’re probably not a spambot – honest!

Sorry if you tried commenting before and was told you were a spambot.  I was trying out a plugin for wordpress, and apparently it thinks real people are spam bots. Off with its head!  I uninstalled it, so hopefully people can comment as they please now!  So sorry about that! Something else I need to […]