Dang creepy crawlies!

Recently we got a good amount of rain, over Thanksgiving.  I guess it hasn’t rained here on Thanksgiving in like 12 years, but anyway… Rain usually brings out the bugs, particularly those that lay dormant and hiding for a while.  And more specifically…. termites. Four years ago we had our house treated with Termidor, and […]

Holiday weekend does not equal a restful weekend

I was essentially off work for five days for Thanksgiving weekend, starting with Wednesday and ending Sunday.  But it was by no means restful.  I think the slowest days  I had were Wednesday and Sunday. Wednesday was originally supposed to be a day for me to work from home so I could attend a special […]

Bug season

I think the Kiddo brought home a cold, and it’s trying to invade my space. *shakes fist*  Go away!  I don’t want you here days before a holiday!! So I’m sitting here consuming a huge glass of orange juice and took two vitamin C pills. I hope it goes away… I don’t want to be […]