Dang creepy crawlies!
Posted on December 2nd, 2008 @ 10:14 pm

Recently we got a good amount of rain, over Thanksgiving.  I guess it hasn’t rained here on Thanksgiving in like 12 years, but anyway… Rain usually brings out the bugs, particularly those that lay dormant and hiding for a while.  And more specifically…. termites.

Four years ago we had our house treated with Termidor, and got the treatment that is supposed to be guaranteed for five years.  By my math, we should have at least one more year before we should be seeing any signs of any termites.  But no.  With this most recent rain, they decided it was time to crawl out of the ground and start feasting on our 2x4s.

When this happened four years ago, they popped up only on the outer walls of the house (inside the house, but the walls that share the exterior of the house).  Supposedly, rather than coming up from the ground, it was surmised that they got in through the roof.

This time, they are on an interior wall.  A wall that does NOT share an exterior side with the outside elements. What the heck??  And the buggers are eating quickly, too.  The first patch we have spotted seemed to have popped up overnight.  There’s no telling how big that tunnel is going to be by morning!  My guess is they got in the same way as before – through the roof, since we’re on a cement slab and the exterior walls also happen to be made of cinder block.

Stupid bugs.  They give me the heebie jeebies and my skin crawls just thinking about them.  I know they won’t hurt US, but they still give me the willies.

I guess I get to call the exterminator tomorrow and have them come out and do an inspection.  On the bright side – at least there is still a year left on our guarantee so that hopefully this re-treat is not going to cost us anything!  Or at least not as much as it would if it were not under warranty!

That is what happened last time… we had a re-treat, which was only warrantied for a couple of years, and then a couple weeks after its expiration, the damn bugs showed up again.  I’m glad that was not the case this time – treating for termites is not exactly cheap.  We paid over $800 for the last treatment with Termidor, so they darn well better do a re-treat for practically nothing, if not free!

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Holiday weekend does not equal a restful weekend
Posted on December 1st, 2008 @ 3:34 pm

I was essentially off work for five days for Thanksgiving weekend, starting with Wednesday and ending Sunday.  But it was by no means restful.  I think the slowest days  I had were Wednesday and Sunday.

Wednesday was originally supposed to be a day for me to work from home so I could attend a special T-Day lunch at the Kiddo’s preschool, until she got sick the  night before and I ended up doing my work later that night after everyone was in bed, so that in case she was still sick Wednesday I could give my full attention to that.  Wednesday night I made a dessert to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. View the rest of this entry…

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Bug season
Posted on November 22nd, 2008 @ 9:30 am

I think the Kiddo brought home a cold, and it’s trying to invade my space.

*shakes fist*  Go away!  I don’t want you here days before a holiday!!

So I’m sitting here consuming a huge glass of orange juice and took two vitamin C pills.

I hope it goes away… I don’t want to be miserable for Thanksgiving!

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