You won’t see this where I live

It’s a very pretty scene, isn’t it? But this is something we can’t see where we live unless we drive north for an hour at least. Snow is a once in a very rare blue moon kind of thing here, and even if it does get cold enough to drop snow, it doesn’t do much […]


So this time it was our turn.  The storm we got last night, that caused us to turn off all our computers, dumped a bit of rain on us, and gave a great light show.  The Kiddo slept through it all, though.  I told my husband, if any of the thunder claps were going to […]

Rumble up above

Huh. Sounds like we may get some rain this afternoon. Depending on when it hits here, I may or may not be driving home in it. Yay. I mean, I’m glad we’re getting some rain, but it seems like every other nut on the road doesn’t know how to drive when it rains here. Thus […]