The Uh factor

On the way to and from picking up lunch, my husband and I listened to a few minutes of the press conference that President Elect Obama was holding this afternoon.  And we both noted something that annoys us both and elicits much mocking – his incessant use of “Uh” or “ah” when he speaks off […]

A piece of the puzzle – part of Obama’s economic plan

I would like to try to make an informed decision when it comes time to vote for the next Prez this November, so being a good little voter, I am taking a few minutes to peruse some of the key issues at Obama’s campaign website. I’m still a little undecided about the various tax cuts […]

Dodging tomatoes

My husband and I are registered as Independents.  We’re not liberal, but neither are we conservative.  We’re moderates, having similar opinions about topics between both parties.  If I had to actually put us in either one or the other, we’re probably more or less moderate republican. We’re registered Independent, mainly to avoid getting a slew […]