Did someone mess with the space time continuum

It seriously feels like today is just DRAGGING by.  I feel like I’ve been at work for at least four hours already, but nooo.  It’s only been 2.5 hours.  What the heck?? Yes it would be nice for time to slow down once in a while, but not while I am at work!  Please oh […]

That lingering scent…

Why is it that every time I go to Subway for lunch, I can still smell the place on my clothes hours later? And while the smell inside the store is nice (mmm… fresh bread!), the after-smell doesn’t smell so great? (it’s like a sour bread-going-bad smell) It’s like walking into a restaurant or bar that […]

My goal for today

Is to get as much work done for my day job before lunch…   So that I can spend my afternoon goofing off.  Well, not completely goofing off the entire time.  I’ll still do some work here and there. 🙂  Geeze, what do you think I am?  I total slacker??  Hardly.  😉