ISO: My Christmas Spirit

I’m not sure why, but I just can’t seem to get into the Christmas spirit this season.  Neither of us has an ax looming over our jobs, so no worries there.  We have a bunch of stuff we posted on craigslist and got a lot of inquiries, so there is some extra potential Christmas money […]

Holiday weekend does not equal a restful weekend

I was essentially off work for five days for Thanksgiving weekend, starting with Wednesday and ending Sunday.  But it was by no means restful.  I think the slowest days  I had were Wednesday and Sunday. Wednesday was originally supposed to be a day for me to work from home so I could attend a special […]

Bug season

I think the Kiddo brought home a cold, and it’s trying to invade my space. *shakes fist*  Go away!  I don’t want you here days before a holiday!! So I’m sitting here consuming a huge glass of orange juice and took two vitamin C pills. I hope it goes away… I don’t want to be […]

Have you started your holiday shopping?

I sure haven’t.  *eek!* I have a general idea of what I may be getting for hubby and the Kiddo, but that is about it.  Oh, and maybe for my parents too, since there is a company that is giving employees at my workplace a pretty good discount, and they have stuff my parents (especially […]

Almost the witching hour…

Ok, not quite. But it IS almost time to leave work, sit in traffic for 45 minutes – hopefully no more than that – and go pick up the Kiddo from daycare. (Hopefully the wings to her ladybug costume aren’t destroyed.) Then we’ll probably kill about 30 to 40 minutes and then head over to […]

Flu shots – do you get one?

To my recollection, I have never received a flu shot, not even while I was pregnant with the Kiddo.  I *almost* got one then, I stood in line at a nearby grocery store only to find out they only had shots for non-pregnant adults and elderly.  By then I saw no point at having to […]

In a funk

I should be figuring out what this week’s meals are going to be.  But I’m not. I should be making a shopping list.  But I’m not, I just don’t feel like it.  And I don’t even know what we’ll be cooking this week yet due to the first item above. I should be compiling a […]

Fall festival at a local farm

We went to a fall festival yesterday morning, with my husband’s brother & family, and their mom.  It was fun, and the temperature outside was just beautiful.  We actually started out wearing light jackets (well, the girls – the Kiddo and her cousins, and myself, anyway) since it was in the mid 60s and breezy.

Getting sleepy, so sleepy

I don’t know if I’m going to last much longer tonight.  It’s barely 10pm, which is when we normally would go to bed on a work night, here it is a Saturday night, and my eyes are already getting heavy. Thanks to the Kiddo, for waking up at 6:45am this morning – despite her going […]

Shuffling the schedule

In my husband’s department at work, the time has come for people to change shifts – they are 24/7, so everything three months or so, people are given the option to move their schedule to another shift. Currently my husband and I carpool, working five days a week.  In his department, they have the option […]