His old iPhone paid for our groceries this week

I sold my husband’s iPhone today as planned.  On the way back from selling it, with $150 cash in hand, I stopped at the supercenter to do my shopping.  I designated $100 for food groceries, and $50 for non-food groceries.

For sale: sold

I decided to try craigslist to sell a few things.  The few things I have listed have not had any queries to my inbox yet, but I did sell a couple other things by finding people who WANTED the items I had planned on listing, and emailing them first. We had two first generation iPhones […]

We’re an Apple family

As I posted last night, my husband practically begged and pleaded and offered to do chores in attempts to get me to ok buying one of Apple’s new Nanos that they just announced yesterday. We’ve had Apple iPods for pretty much as long as they’ve been in existence.  We’ve had almost one of every version […]