His old iPhone paid for our groceries this week
Posted on September 28th, 2008 @ 6:16 pm

I sold my husband’s iPhone today as planned.  On the way back from selling it, with $150 cash in hand, I stopped at the supercenter to do my shopping.  I designated $100 for food groceries, and $50 for non-food groceries.

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For sale: sold
Posted on September 28th, 2008 @ 8:49 am

I decided to try craigslist to sell a few things.  The few things I have listed have not had any queries to my inbox yet, but I did sell a couple other things by finding people who WANTED the items I had planned on listing, and emailing them first.

We had two first generation iPhones to sell, since we had upgraded to the 3G versions and no longer had any need for the old ones.

The first one I sold was mine, which was only a few months “old” – it had replaced my original unit in June just before my year warranty was up, when the lower fourth of the screen no longer registered any touches aside from the slide bar to open the screen.  Apple replaced it without any questions.  So, I was able to get $200 selling that one.

The second one I am selling (I am making arrangements to sell it today), is my husband’s.  It is in near pristine condition since he always kept his in a carrying case.  But, since it is the original one we bought, I am selling it for $150.  I just hope it doesn’t have the same issues later that my original one had, because now it is past warranty and I am not sure Apple would exchange it if a different person brings it in, since it is still registered under our name.  At least not without cost since it is past warranty, anyway.  Let’s just knock on wood and hope this one won’t fall to the same weird issue mine did.

Anyway, this money is going to be our food & grocery money for the week.  I just wish the other stuff would sell, because those items would net us another $700 (an above ground pool that needs a liner, new hoses & seals, and our old nordic track treadmill).  Being that we are approaching the end of summer, I would wager that we may not get any nibbles for the pool, unless someone just wants to buy it to have it sitting waiting for next summer before setting it up.  But I posted it anyway, just in case there IS someone out there like that.  We’ll see.

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We’re an Apple family
Posted on September 10th, 2008 @ 8:21 am

As I posted last night, my husband practically begged and pleaded and offered to do chores in attempts to get me to ok buying one of Apple’s new Nanos that they just announced yesterday.

We’ve had Apple iPods for pretty much as long as they’ve been in existence.  We’ve had almost one of every version since the very first one.  We’ve had iPods, we’ve had (and have) the Shuffles, and we have Nanos.  My Nano is one he purchased for our anniversary gift to me this year, and had it engraved.  I :heart: it.

We ALSO have the iPhones.  Yes, plural.  One for him, and one for me.  The first version, he bought a week after they came out.  For the 3G version, we took the day off of work, dropped the Kiddo off at daycare as per usual, and stood in line the day it was released.  For three and a half hours.  (which, I have to say is MUCH better than when we stood in line for the Xbox 360, but that is another story)

And we both have iMacs.  He has a 30″ iMac, I have a 24″ iMac.  I really really :heart: my iMac.  And we both have MacBook Pros.  We also have a G5 Mac tower (I think it is a powermac?) which is home to OS X Server.  Oh, and I almost forgot.  He also has a 15″ Macbook in black.

(and I wonder why our credit cards have gotten out of hand?? Wait, no I don’t.)

So yeah, Macs rule in this house.  We have TWO lone Windows machines, both Dells.  Those are so we can remote into our home network while we’re at work, and for various games that are not on the Mac yet.  Although that is starting to become less and less of a problem anymore.  Technically I could run World of Warcraft on my iMac, and I can also run Spore on my iMac.  But I have those installed on my PC, simply because I prefer to use my iMac for surfing the ‘net, checkin’ my e-mail, and doing graphics doodling and tinkering with HTML.  Sometimes even while playing WoW or Spore on my PC.  My husband uses his iMac to watch various movies or TV shows (Star Trek DS9, currently) while he plays WoW or Spore, or other games.

Anyway.  I can’t recommend Apple’s products highly enough.  Especially their computers.  Extremely stable, last longer than any PC we’ve ever owned (I still have a 15″ G4 Powerbook that runs perfectly that is waiting for its prospective new owner to get paid so she can buy it – and we bought THAT in 2004!), GREAT for graphics work.  And did I mention stable?  I can maybe count on one hand the times I’ve had to forcefully reboot my iMac.  Or any of my Mac computers, for that matter.

Yes, they’re a little pricey sometimes (our poor credit cards can attest to that), but they are WELL worth it. And the iPods aren’t half bad either. :laugh:

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