The Superbowl and drunk driving

Oh the Cardinals.  So close.  They were SO CLOSE!  Only to have the Steelers steal away their lead at just over half a minute left in the game.  And then to see the Cardinals just fail miserably in the last 30 seconds with a stupid fumble to give it back to the Steelers for the […]

Watch out for Karma today – she’s cranky!

Traffic was bad this morning no matter which freeway we could have gone on, but we opted to choose the one that didn’t have a closure on an adjoining freeway.  It has a frontage road next to it, which we quickly exited onto before we got caught in the bumper to bumper slowness.

So much for trying to save money this month

The hubby got a speeding ticket on our way home from work yesterday. It’s jacked up because he was simply keeping up with traffic.  In our state, the speed limit is supposed to be  “reasonable and prudent”. In other words, stick to the speed limit whenever possible, but if it is unsafe to maintain AT […]