Not my original plan

So my plan earlier was to do as much work at the day job before lunch so that I could relax the rest of the afternoon.  Well, it’s a good thing I did. I ended up leaving work early because my husband – whom I carpool with because we work the same shift at the […]

Maybe something for autumn?

Maybe something with oranges, tans, yellows? Or winter themed. Maybe with snow, since that is something of which we rarely see any, where we live. On an unrelated note… The Kiddo’s fever is back. FRACK! (Why yes, I do watch Battlestar Galactica.  Why do you ask? 😆 )  I gave her some tylenol before bed […]

Scritchy eyes

Gosh, I’m tired already?  AND I had a nap today with the Kiddo. Hovering over a sick child with a barf bucket – a child, I might add, who wants absolutely NOTHING to do with said barf bucket, despite that she could throw up at any time, and doesn’t care that mommy has tried to […]