200 clicks and finding my niche

I think I’m all clicked out today.  I was slacking on my Entrecard clicks the last few days, so today I decided to make up for it.  I hit 200.  I know it’s not the max, but I think that’s the most I’ve done so far. It took the better part of my day since […]

Oh how I LOVE commuting

Can you smell the sarcasm? As I sat in traffic this morning, by myself and unable to use the HOV lane since my husband is staying home with the Kiddo today, I thought about just how much time I waste with my daily commute, and how I get nothing, except for maybe frustration and a […]

The Day Job

At the Day Job, we have a queue of tasks that we work out of. Recently, we have been bombarded with orders. Today, the total queue of assigned & unassigned orders looks like this:  1123 My queue alone is 85. The unassigned queue, is 498. *sigh* I think there are maybe 12 of us, including […]

Not my original plan

So my plan earlier was to do as much work at the day job before lunch so that I could relax the rest of the afternoon.  Well, it’s a good thing I did. I ended up leaving work early because my husband – whom I carpool with because we work the same shift at the […]

My goal for today

Is to get as much work done for my day job before lunch…   So that I can spend my afternoon goofing off.  Well, not completely goofing off the entire time.  I’ll still do some work here and there. 🙂  Geeze, what do you think I am?  I total slacker??  Hardly.  😉

Barely 2 weeks

And I already have 50 posts.  Granted some are trivial drivel, but still. 🙂   To my Entrecard droppers – I zoomed through my drops tonight, so I apologize for not staying very long to read posts.  Since it’s already the 4th wherever Entrecard is, I was able to do them for the 4th even […]

Oh the irony

I started this site because I’d fallen off the blog wagon with my old blog, and wanted to use this one to start fresh and eventually – hopefully – to earn a little bit of dough from it. The problem I am finding so far, is, I often find myself spending a lot of time […]