A new place to sell handmade wares
Posted on November 26th, 2008 @ 11:32 am

So I’ve been seeing on several blogs that there is this new website called Art Fire where artisans who make handmade items can put their products up for sale for one monthly fee. Right now for the first 5000 artisans who sign up, it will only be $7/mo for life – as long as they remain a member and their payments do not lapse. After the first 5000 I think it goes up to $20 a month.

I am kind of on the fence about this, mainly because I have very little product to sell. Right now if I were to set up a shop on Etsy, I think it is .20 per listing (for 4 months?) and something like 3.5% of the sale – if it sells. I think I figured, just based on the listing price alone, to get my money’s worth at Art Fire, I would have to list at least 35 items. Obviously this does not take into consideration the fees that are charged at Etsy, but considering I have only had two sales of my current product at my ecommerce store, I am just basing my comparison on the same lack of sales (what great confidence I have, eh?).

So for now, since I do not even have an Etsy store yet, and don’t yet have enough product to list 35 items at Art Fire to make it worth the $7, I will be carefully watching their site to observe the number of accounts remaining… if it starts to drop like wildfire I may just buck up and pay the $7 to reserve myself a spot at that price, as it is certainly better than being left in the cold and having to pay $20 a month later on if I miss the boat. But for now I will just bide my time and try to build up some inventory.

(please note this is not a sponsored post – I just wanted to pass the info along to any crafty blogger looking for another place to sell their wares)

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That makes me sad
Posted on November 17th, 2008 @ 11:14 am

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days.  Just didn’t have the posting itch.

Anyway.  What kind of crazy state makes a law where in order to hold a contest, you have to register it with the AG’s office?  Seriously?  Oh yeah, the one where I live.

Even if the host of the contest is in a different state, if they want people from MY state to be eligible, they have to register it with the AG.  How annoying is that??

So it makes me sad on two parts – I won’t be able to enter all these contests that are going on at various blogs unless they registered with my state’s AG office (and most have not and probably will not), and second, I can’t hold any more contests myself unless I want to run the risk of getting into trouble.

It’s just plain stupid.  I think we need to move away.  Because that will probably happen a lot sooner and be a lot more likely than that stupid law getting changed. :bored:

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200 clicks and finding my niche
Posted on September 24th, 2008 @ 3:42 pm

I think I’m all clicked out today.  I was slacking on my Entrecard clicks the last few days, so today I decided to make up for it.  I hit 200.  I know it’s not the max, but I think that’s the most I’ve done so far.

It took the better part of my day since I had to intertwine it with doing work at the day job.  Hopefully if most of those I clicked today reciprocate, when I log in tomorrow and use the EC Toolbar, it will load more than just a handful of peoples’ widgets when I click “inbox”.

In other news… I am still trying to figure out what type of niche to chose for my niche blogs.  From what I’ve read it doesn’t even have to be anything I am an expert at, just something I am interested in.  Problem is, most of the stuff I like that I have looked up is pretty mundane and doesn’t get a lot of keyword hits for the most part.  Blah.  I guess I’ll keep trying.

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It IS Saturday, right?
Posted on September 6th, 2008 @ 11:10 am

Feh.  Somehow working from home yesterday left me feeling like my weekend was already nearly overwith.  Probably didn’t help that we stayed up way late last night playing video games.

At least the kiddo let me sleep on the floor of her room for another hour after she woke up while she played with her blocks and stuffed animals, and alternated what blanket she would cover me with.  She likes covering her babies with blankets, and she also likes covering mommy & daddy with blankets if we let her. It’s cute.

I’ve got to figure out how we’re going to pay for two copies of “Spore” tomorrow.  It looks very interesting, and we already downloaded and played around with their creature creator.

My house is a mess, and I have absolutely zero desire to lift a finger to do any cleaning.  The catbox needs cleaned, too.  Bleh.

I did do one productive thing today.  Well, technically two.  I made my own little badges for my two blogs for Entrecard.  I figured it’s been almost two weeks, time to stop using their default badges and make my own. Whee!

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Barely 2 weeks
Posted on September 3rd, 2008 @ 9:50 pm

And I already have 50 posts.  Granted some are trivial drivel, but still. 🙂


To my Entrecard droppers – I zoomed through my drops tonight, so I apologize for not staying very long to read posts.  Since it’s already the 4th wherever Entrecard is, I was able to do them for the 4th even though it is still the 3rd for me.  I figure if I hurried and did them tonight, I could, erm, probably be more productive at the day job.  Goodness knows my boss is probably scratching his head wondering what the heck is going on with me that my numbers are less than optimal.

It’s called distractions! LOL

Anyway, if I get bored at work tomorrow – which chances are good that I probably will – I will most likely go to my “view all cards” panel and poke around and read some blogs to look for some source of entertainment. One can only click, type, copy & paste code for so long before the mind starts wandering and wanting something more fun to do.  And no, it’s not related to any kind of HTML or PHP or CSS code.  If it were I probably wouldn’t get bored that quickly!

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