Thinking about setting some goals
Posted on September 22nd, 2008 @ 11:20 am

Over the weekend I came across a site that led me to pick up another domain and set up a couple more blogs, to try a different avenue to earn some extra money, hopefully, once things get rolling on the blogs.  One blog will be a review site for video games on all consoles, hopefully written by my husband and his best friend, and occasionally some posts by me as well.  The other blog will be reviews about the safety of products geared toward babies and toddlers.

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It IS Saturday, right?
Posted on September 6th, 2008 @ 11:10 am

Feh.  Somehow working from home yesterday left me feeling like my weekend was already nearly overwith.  Probably didn’t help that we stayed up way late last night playing video games.

At least the kiddo let me sleep on the floor of her room for another hour after she woke up while she played with her blocks and stuffed animals, and alternated what blanket she would cover me with.  She likes covering her babies with blankets, and she also likes covering mommy & daddy with blankets if we let her. It’s cute.

I’ve got to figure out how we’re going to pay for two copies of “Spore” tomorrow.  It looks very interesting, and we already downloaded and played around with their creature creator.

My house is a mess, and I have absolutely zero desire to lift a finger to do any cleaning.  The catbox needs cleaned, too.  Bleh.

I did do one productive thing today.  Well, technically two.  I made my own little badges for my two blogs for Entrecard.  I figured it’s been almost two weeks, time to stop using their default badges and make my own. Whee!

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They’re refusing to recall this??
Posted on August 29th, 2008 @ 10:26 am

My husband sent me this link from the Consumerist.

WTF? They’re REFUSING? When it’s clear that their product is deadly??  It needs to be redesigned, people.  So what if there have only been two deaths reported so far.  What are you going to do, wait until there are ten? Twenty? One hundred??  One is too many!

I bet they will claim it was user error.

I am sorry, but there are certain things that simply should be made idiot proof when it comes to babies and children.  Bassinets and cribs are some of those things.  And frankly, the design of that with a bar across the side where a child’s BODY can fit through, but not its HEAD, is completely WRONG.  That is why there are requirements for cribs to only have so much space between the slats, for that very reason!!  Why should it not apply to this device, too?  The child’s body shouldn’t even be able to fit!  Then this issue would not have even arisen.

Ugh! 👿

At least the CPSC is issuing warnings about this bassinet.  I hope people heed it!  It just breaks my heart to read about unnecessary deaths caused by products like this.   And makes me angry to hear that the company refuses to recall their product.

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