Something is missing…

I’ll be talking about womanly issues on this post… so if you are a guy and are squicked out at this kind of talk, or even a gal and would rather not read… look away.

I take the 7/7/7 birth control pill.  I took the last of the pills that has any hormones/chemicals in it last Tuesday night.  I should be starting my next pack tonight.  But something is missing.  :shock:

Oh, she teased me.  Made me think last Thursday that she was making an appearance, but nothing came of it.  Nothing actually made it to the femininely products, it was only on the TP, and hardly any of it at that.

So guess what I’ll be buying tonight at the store?  *sigh*  I hate to say it, but we really don’t need this right now. We can barely afford to send the Kiddo to daycare, there is just NO WAY we’d be able to afford a second one in daycare.  At least not with the credit card debt we have right now.  We’re sending over $500 a month between three different cards.  A second kid in daycare?  Well, the Kiddo costs $800 a month.  A second I think gets a slight discount, but not much of one, and infants are more expensive than preschoolers… so we’d probably be looking at no less than another $700-$800 a month.  Even with the credit cards gone this would be virtually impossible.

I am hoping this is just a “mysteriously absent” AF, which HAS happened on my pills in the past (before was ever pregnant with the Kiddo).  Unless we come into some surprise money and I can afford to quit my day job (hardy-har-har – like that is ever going to happen), this just can’t happen right now.  I don’t know what we will do if I test and it is not negative… :sad:  Excuse me while I go have a panic attack at the thought…

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  1. Lyla (2 comments) said:

    Good luck!!! Of course if there is a little “surprise” on the way, you’ll deal with it! But I bet it’s just a fluke and next month you’ll be right back on schedule!!!

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