So much for trying to save money this month

The hubby got a speeding ticket on our way home from work yesterday.

It’s jacked up because he was simply keeping up with traffic.  In our state, the speed limit is supposed to be 
“reasonable and prudent”. In other words, stick to the speed limit whenever possible, but if it is unsafe to maintain AT the speed limit, then going a little over would usually be overlooked.

For instance, on the freeway we were on, the limit is 65mph.  If there isn’t a back up of traffic, it is rare to see anyone stick to that limit.  I would say the average is more like 75mph.  We were clocked at 80.  AND being passed by others.


So yeah, we think the officer was probably singing “eeny-meeny-miney-mo” in his mind when he tagged us. 

The fine is $172, or $165 for defensive driving school.  Either way we’re coughing up quite a bit of dough.

Dang it.  >.<

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One Response to “So much for trying to save money this month”

  1. carrie (3 comments) said:

    ooh! bad luck. and such a fine!
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