So I guess I like the steampunk style
January 12th, 2009 @ 10:20 am

Who knew?  I went ahead and signed up for that Christi Friesen steampunk gryphon class I mentioned the other day, the night before it was slated to start.  Then on Saturday after I dropped off my daughter at her grandmother’s house for her monthly overnight stay, I went to the craft store to pick up some more polymer clay in the colors I needed for the project but did not already have.  By the time I went to bed that night I’d gotten the project done to the point where the first file in the class instruction ended, so now I’m waiting for the next file, and waiting for the other items that I’ll need to complete the project to come in the mail.

And I’ve suddenly become a little bit obsessed (not completely, it doesn’t consume me or anything), with looking for other items that fit that steampunk look – “old” or aged looking chain and other findings, even if they’re actually new and just made to look old; gears and other bits and bobs from mechanical watches, etc., etc.  I am watching several ebay auctions for watch parts, won one of the auctions I bid on, and bought a large men’s analog wrist watch to take apart in hopes it still uses SOME gears in it even though it uses a battery for power rather than being wound.  It’s analog and therefore still has “hands” which are set with the winding device on the side so I’m hoping it still has a few gears inside.  Maybe not as many as a true mechanical watch but at least something, you know?  I just have to figure out how to pry the darn thing open.  The cover is pretty flush with the back of the watch so the tiny screwdriver I had didn’t even fit underneath it.  I have one other tool I have for my clay at home that I MIGHT be able to wedge underneath the cover, I’ll try that when I get home and hopefully be able to pop that thing open.

Anyway, I hope after or even during the class when I have the other supplies on hand I can come up with some neat looking things.  Even if I don’t put them up for sale it’s still nice to be doing something creative and I felt stuck without ideas before this, so signing up for that class turned out to be a good decision afterall.

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    Jean (2 comments)

    February 6, 2009 at 9:13 am

    Yep those watch backs are difficult! Tools are sold on science web sites to take them off (cheap, too!) Save the insides, crystals and bands even if the watch has no small gears. You’ll find them useful. Also, hardware stores have small screws, nails, nuts, washers, etc. that can be colored with alcohol inks and which can be used, too. If you’re interested in more Christi:

    An interview just went up with Christi. It is recent and asks some interesting questions. It is by Alice Edrich, a mixed media artist and freelance writer from South Dakota. Give it look and leave a message. There is also a button you can put on your blog…..for the drawing for the newest cf book!

    Good luck and you can always use a hammer!

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    jean (2 comments)

    March 5, 2009 at 8:42 am

    Christi is starting another online class. This is what she says:
    FuzzBunn online class starts tomorrow but of course you can join anytime for the next month. If you haven’t already tried an online class, this might be the one to see how you like it. It’s an “economic stimulus” class – only $10! Short and sweet, the project is available to you to download when you signup for the class and are admitted to the private chat room. I check in daily and offer any help needed, and we all chat, share and post as often or as seldom as you each want – it’s informal and fun. This class also requires very little supplies. I’ve posted a picture of the project here, and this is the direct link for more info and to sign up if you wanna. Site is

    for more of my online classes, visit my site. here’s that link:
    see ya online!