Yep. It would seem the sore throat is turning out to be a precursor to a cold. 🙁  Now I’m getting a stuffy/runny nose.  With some sneezing thrown in for good measure.

How exactly does that make any sense – having both a stuffy AND a runny nose at the same time?? Doesn’t that seem, I don’t know… contradictory??  🙄

What’s even more annoying, is how your nose can be completely stopped up when you’re laying down, but when you sit up, it’s like the heavens just open up and you can breathe freely (mostly).  And what confuses me the most?  Is when you’re stuffy when you’re sitting down – which you’re still upright – but when you STAND up, your nose clears.  Wha??  Is it the higher elevation or something?  I don’t think a couple of feet should make all that much of a difference! LOL

So if this doesn’t clear up with a good dose of Vit C before bed and another tomorrow before work… Expect to hear me whining about being ill here.

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