Second day of driving by myself to work and..
January 22nd, 2009 @ 10:07 pm

…right when it was time to leave work today?

*click click click click click-a*  when I turn the ignition.


A coworker happened to be standing outside when I tried starting my car and was on his phone, since I drive a manual transmission, he offered to push my car so that I could hopefully start it that way.  Another coworker had stepped out (don’t know whether he was on break or leaving for the day), and also helped push the car.  No dice.  🙁

The second coworker offered to jump start my car, since he had jumper cables.  He actually also had a portable battery jumper, so he tried that first; fortunately it worked.  I drove home, left the car running and moved the carseat to my husband’s car so he could go pick up the Kiddo from preschool, and then I drove straight over to the dealership.

My battery was nearly four years old, which is pretty darn good for a car in Arizona.  But it sure hurt my pocketbook to pay for that stupid thing.  Apparently my car’s battery is more expensive than your typical car battery because it goes in the trunk of my car rather than under the hood.  Yep, it sits back between the spare tire and the bumper of my car under the liner of the trunk.  But there is a jumper box under the hood, for just what we needed it for today.

So anyway. At least it was just the battery and not something like the ignition switch, which if it had been, would’ve been at least twice as much as the battery, if not more.  So I guess it’s the little things, eh?

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