Scritchy eyes

Gosh, I’m tired already?  AND I had a nap today with the Kiddo.

Hovering over a sick child with a barf bucket – a child, I might add, who wants absolutely NOTHING to do with said barf bucket, despite that she could throw up at any time, and doesn’t care that mommy has tried to tell her that she doesn’t want to have to clean up barf off her floors – takes more energy than I figured.

She seems a bit better.  Her fever is still fairly high, hovering at about 103, but I want to wait until I know she’ll keep things down before giving her some tylenol.  She had a small piece of bread and a few goldfish crackers about 15 minutes ago and so far *knock on wood* it’s staying down, and she’s been nursing some generic pedialyte since she got up from her 2nd nap.

I may regret giving her something to eat, but she hasn’t had anything for almost 10 hours – even then she didn’t eat very much – and she was shaking from weakness earlier.  So we’ll see whether she keeps it down.

I put a mattress cover on the floor in front of her bed so if she happens to get sick during the night I can hopefully save part of my floor.  Of course we only have two of these and one is on her bed, so I really hope she doesn’t get sick during the night so I don’t have to keep her up long enough to wash & dry two mattress pads.  Either that or if she does have to get sick, I hope she only sicks up on one of them.

Currently she’s watching a bug’s life, waiting for the timer that tells her she can have a few more goldfish crackers.  She keeps asking for more; it’s hard trying to explain to a toddler that they can’t eat a lot even if they think their tummy wants it when they’re sick because it could make it hurt more.

At this rate we’ll probably be staying home tomorrow. My husband’s brother is having a BBQ, but I don’t think the Kiddo and I will be going, even if she does feel better.  Sister-in-law runs a daycare at their house during the week, and I’d hate to bring over a stomach bug and get them AND potentially her customers’ kids sick, too.

Ah well. It’ll give me some more time to maybe figure out how to create my own themes for wordpress, or set up another blog or two.

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