RIP Grandpa

My husband’s step-grandfather died on Friday.  We don’t know a lot of details yet, only that he went to lay down for his usual nap and his wife could not wake him a couple hours later.

We didn’t really know him too well, having only seen him at the yearly Christmas party (and occasionally other holidays), but he was a really nice guy, always smiling.

We’re not sure when the funeral or services will be yet.  We’ll probably call my husband’s mom sometime today, since she and her husband went to stay with her husband’s mom on Friday after they found out, to ask if anything has been arranged yet.

Incidentally, today also happens to be the anniversary of my nephew’s death.  Maybe I’ll call or text my sister to see how she’s doing…

October is starting to be a rather craptastic month between the two sides of  my family…


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