Requesting constructive criticism please

Ok, this is aimed more specifically at those jewelry makers who bounce past my site from Entrecard, but anyone can offer input if you wish.

Please go to my jewelry e-commerce site, Positively Charming, look at my offerings, and provide your thoughts on what I have there. What is crap? What are my best pieces? Do you think I am over or under pricing anything? Any other suggestions or critiques?

Should I look into opening an Etsy store? I know Etsy has a small fee per posted item, which is partially why I have put off opening a store there. I have an inactive store at Hyena Cart, but only got interest in a lottery for a pair of earrings I goofed up on (and therefore I considered “seconds”, which is why I gave them away), and had no sales. The only sale I’ve had on my e-commerce site was from a member of a mom’s forum I am a member of, but otherwise, no nibbles. It’s quite discouraging to have looky-loos but no sales, and then I’m left wondering if my offerings are just awful? Or is it simply due to the economy? Heck even my 25% off sale didn’t garner any bites, although I only really advertised it here on my blog (which isn’t exactly overrun with traffic) and the few people who plugged it at their blogs too.

So anyway, spill it, please! I promise to take it graciously!

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