Pushing Daisies – say it isn’t so!!

I just heard from my husband that the show, Pushing Daisies, will probably be cancelled.


WTF, man?  It seems like the networks always, ALWAYS are canceling the interesting shows and keeping the crap, unless an interesting show is really super uber popular (a’la Heroes).  We both swear the network execs must smoke crack daily to make the decisions they do on what shows stay and what shows get the ax.  Why do they still base their decisions primarily on Nielsen ratings??  With the throng of Tivo and other DVR recorders, you’d think they would find some way to take their ratings from those devices, especially since many people have dual tuners or multiple devices in the house that record shows that are on at the same time on different channels.

Bah!  I’m just ticked off that another great show is meeting its end just because it can’t gobble up a 20 share in ratings (or whatever).

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One Response to “Pushing Daisies – say it isn’t so!!”

  1. carrie (3 comments) said:

    oh, no! I’ll have to let my husband and daughter know because they love that show, too. We all loved that show “moonlight” about the ‘good’ vampire Nick, but , guess what…it got cancelled, too!
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