You won’t see this where I live

It’s a very pretty scene, isn’t it? But this is something we can’t see where we live unless we drive north for an hour at least. Snow is a once in a very rare blue moon kind of thing here, and even if it does get cold enough to drop snow, it doesn’t do much more than a dusting, and certainly does not stay on the ground.

I’ve always thought that part of the reason it really never quite seems like Christmas around here come December, is that we never see snow, at least not like in that picture.  When I was young we lived in Kansas where it did snow, and I remember there being snow drifts six feet high or more.  If I recall correctly, I think one year my dad even had to dig out a walk way from the front door with the snow piled up at least three feet high – at the door.

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Reconstruction complete

Whew.  That seemed to go off with only a minor hitch, which was easily corrected.  You probably may not notice much of a change from your perspective, but that is the way it should be.  All of the changes happened “behind the scenes”, so what I see when I work in the admin panel of WordPress is completely different now.  I have not tinkered with a lot of the changes yet but so far I HAVE installed a plug in from within the admin panel – whereas before I had to download them manually and install them, so I really really like this new feature.  It is going to save quite a bit of space on my computer hard drive now if I don’t have to download everything!  Although I wonder if it saves it on my server as a zip or if it unzips everything as it is storing it to my host’s server?  I will have to look into that.

Anyway, so far i like what I am seeing and am glad this went smoothly… Now to upgrade my other blog. 🙂

Beware, construction ahead

I am going to attempt to upgrade to WP 2.7 shortly.

I hope all goes well… If not, I hope I can get things back to normal without a lot of headache.

So if you visit this site and see a huge mess of HTML or nothing at all, well… Come back in a few and see if things are back to normal.  I am hoping after this upgrade I don’t have to deal with manual upgrades anymore.  I am looking forward to that for sure.

Did they find Caylee?

Last night on the way home from the Christmas show that my husband and I went to, we heard on the news that a child’s body was found in Orlando, not too far away from the missing girl’s grandparents’ house.

Hearing that, my heart sank.  I’ve held onto some hope that Caylee would be found alive, but her mother’s myriad of stories and lies have always been way too fishy sounding to allow me to believe completely that that poor little girl was still alive.  And with the news of this discovery less than half a mile from her grandparents’ house, and hearing that as far as law enforcement is aware, there are no other missing children’s cases in that immediate area, well… I don’t have a lot of confidence that those remains belong to anyone else.

I will never understand what could bring someone to harm such an innocent person.  Yes children can be frustrating – believe me, I have a 35 month old girl so I know firsthand – but there is really no excuse at all to kill a child.  None.  It always makes me feel sick to hear about the death of a child of any age at the hands of a parent… or of the mother’s boyfriend… or by anyone at all.

If it does turn out that the remains are Caylee’s – may her soul rest in peace – then will come the matter of figuring out if her mother is to blame.  That should be quite interesting, although from what I have read they do already have a bit of evidence that links her to her daughter’s demise.  I’ll definitely be following this case as it goes on.

WordPress 2.7 is available – yay!

I’m giddy, but I can’t install it until I get home!!  Agh!

Unfortunately I did not install it using my host’s autoinstaller, I installed it manually myself, so I have to download everything and unzip and back up stuff, blah blah, and then upload it to my host before I can try it out.  I’d try installing WP from my host but then I’d have to install all my plug-ins and get everything updated just the way I had it before and that would be a huge PITA… so I’ll just update it manually later.  I think one of the features in 2.7 is being able to upgrade WP remotely like how their plug-ins update, which I am especially intersted in since I did not use my host’s installer.  Not only that but often my host is a little behind on the updates, so, say this update came out today, but my host will not get it for a few more days, if not a week or more.

Drat!! I just realized my husband and I have a show to go to tonight, and we won’t even be home until bedtime, so I won’t be able to update until tomorrow at the earliest. AAGHHH!!! :please:

Maybe if I have enough time I’ll see if I can update it via my remote connection to home… :dlaugh:

ISO: My Christmas Spirit

I’m not sure why, but I just can’t seem to get into the Christmas spirit this season.  Neither of us has an ax looming over our jobs, so no worries there.  We have a bunch of stuff we posted on craigslist and got a lot of inquiries, so there is some extra potential Christmas money there… 

I just can’t quite put my finger on it.  Maybe I’m just picking up on every else’s mood?  I don’t know.  All I do know is there is a little over two weeks left before Christmas and I haven’t even begun my shopping yet.  I am usually a procrastinator but even last year I had most of my shopping done by now, or at least it was ordered and was en route to my house if I bought it online, which most of my purchases were.

I think it partly may be due to that on Sunday I drove 20 miles with the item that would net us the largest amount of cash in one purchase, and waited for 20 minutes for the guy to show up and he was a no call / no show.  He hasn’t even responded to the email I sent later asking what was up.  Communication just completely ceased.  At worst maybe some unfortunate incident happened, at best I hope he was just a flake.  I haven’t heard anything from him so I offered the item to the next person who inquired, so hopefully that person will not flake out.  It really puts a damper on my mood when that happens.  The extra money was going to go toward getting some extra things for the Kiddo and maybe pad our limit for everyone else’s gifts, too.

Originally I had tried setting aside any leftover money out of my weekly lunch allotment, but I have maybe half as much as I should since I ended up spending some of it at a fall festival we went to in October, and another sum went to some new fall clothes for the Kiddo in November.  Ah well, we can make do but the extra money off craiglist sure will be nice.

Now to pull myself out of this funk and at least get SOME shopping started or risk stuff not arriving before Christmas…  :gift:

I think I’ll call it done

Whew.  That was a lot of hard work.  There are still some minor tweaks I need to add, and I need to fix my adsense widget, but I think this is good.

I decided to make the links in the sidebar pink so they’ll stand out a bit more and they kind of go with the periwinkle color I have for my background.  I may move around some more widgets until I get the sidebars balanced out better.  But I think for the most part I’m done… Now that I have a general idea of how these get put together I’ll probably work on making one for my other blog, probably the same layout but with different graphics.

The only coding I did was tweaking the CSS (a lot) to get the look I wanted, and a teeny bit of the HTML (to get the header and the navigation bar)… The rest of the code, the inner workings of the template, was already put together in a “blank” created by some genius person at Absolute genius, I tell ya.  Granted one does need to know a bit of HTML and a good amount of CSS to get the templates looking the way you want, but having the rest of the guts of the template already written is just priceless.  There are some minor things missing (like a date stamp on all the posts on the main index), but I can figure out where to add that later.

Now I just have to wonder how much of my template is going to break when WordPress finally releases version 2.7, which I am highly anticipating, by the way, for much of the “behind the scenes” changes that are supposed to be happening, to the admin panel.

Pardon my mess

I am implementing a new template that I made, please bear with me while I make some more tweaks to get it looking better… I only had one sidebar before and now there are two so I need to move things around, plus I need to get a smaller EC widget as the one I have is too wide for the sidebars I have…

And they go marching on

More buggy talk coming up…

I called the exterminating company that did our Termidor treatment four years ago, and the earliest appointment they have is tomorrow between 12n-2p… and that is just to do an inspection, it’s unlikely they would do any treatment the same day.

In the meantime, the dirt tunnels the termites are leaving have doubled in size over night – last night they were about two to two and a half inches long… now they are about four inches long.

My husband thinks we should just vacuum up the tunnels that are there so that they have to start over.  It kind of squicks me out at the idea of vacuuming up live bugs that will be hanging out in the bag of my vacuum… but I guess without any source of water they’ll probably – hopefully – die before being able to chew through the cloth bag to try to get out.  Or suffocate, but then again, they ARE dirt dwellers.  Maybe I’ll go google it and see what I can find…

Dang creepy crawlies!

Recently we got a good amount of rain, over Thanksgiving.  I guess it hasn’t rained here on Thanksgiving in like 12 years, but anyway… Rain usually brings out the bugs, particularly those that lay dormant and hiding for a while.  And more specifically…. termites.

Four years ago we had our house treated with Termidor, and got the treatment that is supposed to be guaranteed for five years.  By my math, we should have at least one more year before we should be seeing any signs of any termites.  But no.  With this most recent rain, they decided it was time to crawl out of the ground and start feasting on our 2x4s.

When this happened four years ago, they popped up only on the outer walls of the house (inside the house, but the walls that share the exterior of the house).  Supposedly, rather than coming up from the ground, it was surmised that they got in through the roof.

This time, they are on an interior wall.  A wall that does NOT share an exterior side with the outside elements. What the heck??  And the buggers are eating quickly, too.  The first patch we have spotted seemed to have popped up overnight.  There’s no telling how big that tunnel is going to be by morning!  My guess is they got in the same way as before – through the roof, since we’re on a cement slab and the exterior walls also happen to be made of cinder block.

Stupid bugs.  They give me the heebie jeebies and my skin crawls just thinking about them.  I know they won’t hurt US, but they still give me the willies.

I guess I get to call the exterminator tomorrow and have them come out and do an inspection.  On the bright side – at least there is still a year left on our guarantee so that hopefully this re-treat is not going to cost us anything!  Or at least not as much as it would if it were not under warranty!

That is what happened last time… we had a re-treat, which was only warrantied for a couple of years, and then a couple weeks after its expiration, the damn bugs showed up again.  I’m glad that was not the case this time – treating for termites is not exactly cheap.  We paid over $800 for the last treatment with Termidor, so they darn well better do a re-treat for practically nothing, if not free!