A new list for my fellow WAHM forum gals!

I’ve started reading a thread on a forum on WAHM.com, that is dedicated to blogging for $.

Here is a list of sites for the girls who’ve posted on the thread (compiled by some of them, modified slightly by me), most of which I have added to my blogroll.

World of Mom
Drizzly Blog
Green ‘n’ Pink
Reading Writing and Reloading
Feelings Just Are
Not Just In Your Head
Kateedyd What?!
Mommie’s Marbles
Confetti by: Kateedyd
Pure Jade Home
Luxury Lifestylez
The Fuzzbutt Files
Kimmi’s Krazy World
My Weekly Beef
My First Steps With Jesus
Good News
I Love my 3 Boys
News That is New
Secola‘s Space
Left Hand in Right Mind
Thrifty Momma Ramblings
My So Called Blog
Remotely Mommy
Vibrant Healthy U
Photos For The Fun of It
Nusring Home or Home?
The Art Of Criticism
World of Homemaking
Mix World
Have Your Health
Money Relations
A Christian Marriage
Taking a Break From Parenting
That‘s What I am Talking About
Spiritually Grounded Mind
Florida Travel Spots
All in a blog
Blog About it
Different World
Man, I feel like a woman
Easing Chronic Pain
Momas Life
Bahama Berry
Wah and Loving it
My Big Fat Battle
Liz’s So Called Blog
Secret Thoughts and More
Kathleens Brand Buzz
The 40 Life
The Geek’s Girl
NES Nintendo
The Mighty Scribbler
Domesticated Diva
A little bit About Nothin
The Cajun Blogger
Wahm Adventures
House of Bargains
Coodas Corner
Fat Girl Goes Fit
Mommy Mias World
Vanilla Country Store
Thrifty Thoughts
Godly Woman
My Special Place
Work from Home Options
The work from home blog
Women Of Faith
Cypress TX Mom
Momas Life
Success Factors
Savvy Business Moms
Here On Columbia Avenue
Da Boss And Bryguy
4 Cats Make Me Crazy!
It’s Just My Thoughts
Raising a Girl
Identity Crisis Girl
Housewife Word of Mouth
Gluten Free Momsense
Baby Luvin!
Saving with Tracey
Mom Tidings
Making My American Dream

Excuse the mess

… with the comments section. I am trying to get the Captcha stuff to work but it’s not being very friendly.  *sigh*


My throat is starting to feel sore.

I hope I’m not coming down with a cold or something. I’ve been enjoying these past three or four months of not catching any bugs from daycare (since the Kiddo has not brought any home recently).

She just switched rooms though, going into the preschool room. SHE hasn’t shown any signs of anything (yet), but that doesn’t mean she can’t pass something on.

Bleh. 🙁

Do you do that at home??

One of my biggest pet peeves here at work, aside from incessant noise (you know, like when people click their pens constantly), are what I like to term “squatters”.

Yes, this is bathroom talk, so if you don’t want to read, avert your eyes.

Anyway.  Squatters are ladies who don’t sit on the toilet, but instead, hover over it, to go potty.  I don’t know if anyone has noticed?  But women are not that great with aim when it comes to going potty.  That is why we sit!!  But if you hover… it is quite likely you are going to splatter onto the toilet.  Gross!!  There is little I hate more than to walk into a stall, and see pee on the toilet seat.  In a women’s restroom.  I mean, come ON!

The company provides these neat little covers for the seats if you’re paranoid about setting your tushie on a public toilet!  USE THEM!!   GAAAH!!! *insert runs-away-screaming-smilie here*

I set up my newest blog

It can be found here:

Raising a Girl

Added some more links to my blogroll

As if I weren’t busy enough

I am going to slowly work on adding three more blogs, each with their own domains.

I figure I can probably handle four.  Ultimately the point of these four blogs is to hopefully provide some additional income.  Yes, these will all eventually have ads, and posting for dough.  But the blogs are too young yet, so it’ll be a few weeks.

I’ll post links to them here as they come online.

Rumble up above

Huh. Sounds like we may get some rain this afternoon.

Depending on when it hits here, I may or may not be driving home in it. Yay.

I mean, I’m glad we’re getting some rain, but it seems like every other nut on the road doesn’t know how to drive when it rains here. Thus my enthusiasm.

To Do List

Things that need to be done at some point in the future…

1) Tear down doughboy pool.
We let it go to pot over the winter (again, after getting a new liner installed Spring ’07), tried to get it cleaned up, used it once or twice, and it fell out of spec again… so I think we’ve just decided to hell with it. We didn’t sink it or build a small deck around it, so keeping it clean was a royal PITA. My recommendation – if you want a doughboy pool, spend the extra $ to have the installers dig a foot down to sink it to a lower level. Unless you have someone really tall who can reach over the side w/out straining their backs, or have a really good automatic cleaner, it will be a pain to clean and keep clean.

2) Sort clothes, sell or donate excess, and organize what’s left. I tried to make an attempt at that this past weekend. Ha! More than I bargained for, it’s going to be quite a task.

3) Landscape back yard. That one will be a challenge. Therefore, will probably be a while before it ever gets done.

4) Sort the Kiddo’s clothes, sell or donate excess, organize what’s left. Goes hand in hand with item 2, since a bunch of her clothes are in our bedroom.

5) Empty & organize garage. Ha! This is another monumental task, and one better suited for winter where we’ll be less likely to melt into a puddle.

Not that I think writing this list down for all to see is going to help get them accomplished any sooner… but it’s a convenient place to put it. 🙂

Comments are open

I have opened them up so it is not required to register in order to post, since I haven’t had the time to figure out what code I need to tweak to set up a link to register. I am not hosted on wordpress.com so the username there will NOT work at my site.

Once traffic here picks up, if I start getting comment spam, I may feel the need to reinstate the registration requirement. But until then, all that is required is to fill in your name & email address (it must be a valid one).

‘k thanks!