Giddy? Over an electric bill?

(now I remember what the other topic I wanted to talk about was!)

Our electric bill.  When I logged on to check what it was, I was in for quite a shock.

It was actually lower than last month’s bill!  And even better? A mere $14.37 from being $200 LESS than the same time period, last year!!  I could hardly believe my eyes.

It HAS been a lot lower this year than last, but because last year’s August bill was so high, I expected this August to be, well, at least a little higher than last month’s.  I’ll start by sharing last August’s bill.

$456.77  😯

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Now what was I going to say?

I had a couple of things I was going to write about today, one of them being the weather last night (already done), and I can’t remember what the other item was.  Hmm.

I hate it when I come up with things to blog about when I’m nowhere near a computer, but when I finally get to one, I can no longer remember all of what I wanted to chat about!  Sometimes my memory is like swiss cheese. 🙄

They’re refusing to recall this??

My husband sent me this link from the Consumerist.

WTF? They’re REFUSING? When it’s clear that their product is deadly??  It needs to be redesigned, people.  So what if there have only been two deaths reported so far.  What are you going to do, wait until there are ten? Twenty? One hundred??  One is too many!

I bet they will claim it was user error.

I am sorry, but there are certain things that simply should be made idiot proof when it comes to babies and children.  Bassinets and cribs are some of those things.  And frankly, the design of that with a bar across the side where a child’s BODY can fit through, but not its HEAD, is completely WRONG.  That is why there are requirements for cribs to only have so much space between the slats, for that very reason!!  Why should it not apply to this device, too?  The child’s body shouldn’t even be able to fit!  Then this issue would not have even arisen.

Ugh! 👿

At least the CPSC is issuing warnings about this bassinet.  I hope people heed it!  It just breaks my heart to read about unnecessary deaths caused by products like this.   And makes me angry to hear that the company refuses to recall their product.

Not a drop

So.  A pretty vicious storm rolled through the valley last night.  Uprooted trees, flooded some washes, knocked down lots and lots of power lines.  Power outages in certain areas.  And there was even some HAIL. Yes, frozen balls of ice, about 3/4 of an inch in diameter.  Yep, in the desert.  It does happen from time to time.  And at the strangest times of the year, too.

The storm also did one million dollars worth of damage to a brand new practice stadium at ASU.   Pieces of it were strewn quite a ways away and in the man-made lake nearby.

There were reports of winds from 75-90 mph, which I guess is similar to a Category 1 hurricane.

Yeah, we’re in the middle of the desert.  So hurricane it wasn’t, but just as damaging, it was.  (I’m channeling Yoda today, it would seem)

Well, we live in the far northwest part of the valley.  We got some wind… but not a single drop of rain.

Ok, I lie, a little. It sprinkled.  But nothing that could be recorded as inches or even fractions of an inch.  There were spots on the windshield this morning.  Whoopee-doo.  I was rather disappointed.  Not so much because we missed all the destructive wind, but the rain.  The rain!  It was hot & muggy this morning, and no rain to show for it.  Boo!

I feel bad for anyone who had any storm damage to their homes or neighborhoods, though.  That can’t be fun.

Sorry about that

The weirdness with AdSense.  I did it quick and then went to go make dinner, then realized after I came back that it was waaay too wide to be in a sidebar.  🙄

So now it is fixed, just a little box.

Feeling normal I suppose

At least I’m not currently stuffy or sniffly.  If evening doesn’t bring on symptoms – sometimes I feel fine during the day but as night approaches, I start feeling icky again – then maybe it was just a weird bout of allergies or something.  *shrug*

Is there anything much worse…

…than walking through your house when it’s still fairly dark (early sunrise)…

…and stepping in cat puke???

Sorry, I should clarify a bit.  A combination of cat puke, and a hairball.


I don’t know whether it would it would have been worse or better if it were warm.  It was cold, but not dried.  Blech.

THANK YOU, my lovely kitties.

note to self:  find more smilies.  You need a “green” one to signify the ickies.


Yep. It would seem the sore throat is turning out to be a precursor to a cold. 🙁  Now I’m getting a stuffy/runny nose.  With some sneezing thrown in for good measure.

How exactly does that make any sense – having both a stuffy AND a runny nose at the same time?? Doesn’t that seem, I don’t know… contradictory??  🙄

What’s even more annoying, is how your nose can be completely stopped up when you’re laying down, but when you sit up, it’s like the heavens just open up and you can breathe freely (mostly).  And what confuses me the most?  Is when you’re stuffy when you’re sitting down – which you’re still upright – but when you STAND up, your nose clears.  Wha??  Is it the higher elevation or something?  I don’t think a couple of feet should make all that much of a difference! LOL

So if this doesn’t clear up with a good dose of Vit C before bed and another tomorrow before work… Expect to hear me whining about being ill here.

So while she sleeps

I am playing WoW. Currently farming for leather.
I have a level 21 Night Elf hunter. My main pet is a spider (which is ironic, because IRL I can’t stand spiders!), but I want to get a wolf next. That is what I plan on doing after I get my skinning and leatherworking up a bit. I fell behind after my husband and I power-leveled each other with this experience point bonus thing that is going on if you have an account and you refer someone to sign up for a new one, and then the two of you group up together. I think it’s something like 3x the experience on everything – mobs, quests, etc. So we went from 1 to 21 in only a weekend. And since we were too busy leveling up, I didn’t take the time to work on my side skills (skinning & leatherworking), and as a result when we went to a higher level place, I couldn’t even skin the lowest level thing there. LOL

So here I am, skinnin’ the animals and workin’ their leather. And getting no experience for killin’ ’em unless they’re level 15 or higher.

Temporarily removed

…the blog lists I had up. I will add them back at a later time.. Trying to figure something out. Sorry.