My personal homebuying guide

This will mostly be my own personal list of things to look for and what not to do if we ever are able to sell & move out of our current house and trade up for a new one.  I consider it my lessons learned from buying our current house.  Warning, this list is long!

  1. Never, ever, buy a house with vaulted ceilings in almost
  2. The only rooms not vaulted in our house are the hallway and the hall bathroom. Even our closets are vaulted. This had led to, probably in combination with the duct work, terrible circulation of the air in the house. There is a HUGE difference between the room temperature of say, our living room, and that of our bedrooms. Like a good 5 to sometimes 10 degree difference. In the summertime, it is almost unbearable to be in our rooms during the heat of the day. Read the rest of this entry »


Doing some remodeling here, and it’s more “behind the scenes” work than template based.

Basically… anyone who linked to my posts before, (which I think only one person has), that link may no longer work because I am trying to optimize my post URLs.  So you may need to find the post(s) again and update your link to it.

I’m doing the same thing over at my Raising a Girl blog.

Basically it’s stuff I should’ve done from the beginning, but did not know about… and since my blog is still pretty new, Ifigured it would be safe to make these changes now, rather than wait until later.

Sorry for any inconvenience.  :laugh:

Testing done

Ok. *Somehow* I figured out how to stop links in my posts from being tagged with “nofollow”.  I’m not sure which plugin was putting it in before, but it’s not there anymore.  Whew.  That was going to be putting a huge dent in the future plans for this place if it continued to put them in my own posted links.  Talk about stupid.  :roll:

Testing something

Don’t mind this post.

just testing something out.

Google Chrome

I am trying out Google Chrome this week.  I am currently writing this post within this new browser.

So far, I am liking the fact that it won’t be quite the resource hog as other browsers, with the added bonus that if you close the tabs… the memory those tabs used will be freed up.

How does it work?   Read the rest of this entry »

You’re probably not a spambot – honest!

Sorry if you tried commenting before and was told you were a spambot.  I was trying out a plugin for wordpress, and apparently it thinks real people are spam bots.

Off with its head!  I uninstalled it, so hopefully people can comment as they please now!  So sorry about that!

Something else I need to turn off is WordPress’s automatic ability to ‘nofollow’ any links I add myself.  That will have to wait ’til later though, apparently I have a meeting to go to that I forgot about until Outlook reminded me!

Anyway, I would like to thank Monica @ Oh Fer Cryin’ Out Loud for letting me know my blog was being mean and blocking innocent people from commenting! And I’m sorry your link won’t get any SE credit until I fix THAT issue later.


Holy mackeral – half the day is gone already??  Eeek!  I realy *have* been wasting a lot of my time at my day job today.  I better get a move on.

Oh the irony

I started this site because I’d fallen off the blog wagon with my old blog, and wanted to use this one to start fresh and eventually – hopefully – to earn a little bit of dough from it.

The problem I am finding so far, is, I often find myself spending a lot of time surfing to other people’s sites – which is one of the points behind blogging – but it cuts into my “day job”.

So I try to juggle my time between my day job and trying to keep up the blog, and trying to surf to others’ sites to give them traffic… all the while, forgetting to comment frequently to pimp myself out.  Well, to pimp my site out, anyway.  So really, what is the point of creating my blog if I forget to pimp it out via comments at others’ sites?  Bleh.  Not enough hours in the day, I tell you.

Happy September

And have a great Labor Day.

Off to do laundry or something.  Wait… that’s considered labor, isn’t it?  Someone’s got to do it I guess. Oh well.  :sad2:

Smilies added to comments

I added quite a few new smilies today.  They are clickable in the comments.  Have fun, but don’t go crazy with ’em.   :crazy: