Reminder to take your meds

We got some updated information on my husband’s grandfather’s cause of death.  He had a heart attack, precipitated by him not taking his blood-pressure meds – for quite a some time, apparently.

Also, that he did not go in his sleep like we’d first been told (info was sketchy when we first heard) – but he had started to feel unwell, so went to go lie down.  His wife heard him start making odd noises and went to check on him and found him suffering the classic heart attack signs, and called 911.  The operator tried to help guide her through CPR on him, but he passed away despite their efforts.

I cannot imagine what it is like to watch someone die before your eyes while you try to save them.  My dad knows, and now my grandmother-in-law does as well.

The services will be Thursday.  My husband is worried that the Kiddo would not do well at the services, but I told him I am not concerned, she may not understand WHY everyone is sad, but she will still pick up on the fact that people are sad and will probably want to console them.  And we’ll sit toward the back so that if she does get bored and starts acting up one of us can slip out the door with her and take her outside or something.  She did fine at her cousin’s funeral when she was barely 10 months old, and that was before she could even speak, so I think she’ll be ok at this one.

Of course, if my husband’s brother decides to put his own kids (almost 4 yrs and almost 2 yrs old) at a sitter’s for the services, chances are hubby will want to do the same with the Kiddo.  Frankly I don’t think children should be excluded from funerals.  They may not fully grasp what is going on, but I see them as a way to help the healing.  They are a light to an otherwise somber and dark day.

We’ll just have to play it by ear I guess and see how it goes.

And, oh yeah – if you take BP meds, don’t just up and stop taking them unless your doctor okays it! It’s very sad to think that his death could have been prevented if he hadn’t stopped taking his meds. :sad:

When leaving comments…

Just a quick FYI – when you leave comments and have multiple URL’s you want to leave, or any URL for that matter, within the comments (instead of linked to your name by the software), don’t forget to set them up so they convert to a URL with the HTML code:


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Otherwise it will just show up as highlighted words but won’t go anywhere.  And if I don’t already have you in my blogroll, I won’t know where to visit!

And whether you put in “nofollow” is up to you, I have my blog set up so if you include your URL tied to your name, it will leave it as a dofollow link so search engines will give you credit for it being a linkback.


RIP Grandpa

My husband’s step-grandfather died on Friday.  We don’t know a lot of details yet, only that he went to lay down for his usual nap and his wife could not wake him a couple hours later.

We didn’t really know him too well, having only seen him at the yearly Christmas party (and occasionally other holidays), but he was a really nice guy, always smiling.

We’re not sure when the funeral or services will be yet.  We’ll probably call my husband’s mom sometime today, since she and her husband went to stay with her husband’s mom on Friday after they found out, to ask if anything has been arranged yet.

Incidentally, today also happens to be the anniversary of my nephew’s death.  Maybe I’ll call or text my sister to see how she’s doing…

October is starting to be a rather craptastic month between the two sides of  my family…

What’s for dinner?

We’re having gnocchi with marinara sauce & steamed broccoli tonight.  Yum!  Well, I hope so, anyway.

We’ve never had gnocchi before, and I’ll be making it myself – the easy way, with instant potatoes instead of fresh potatoes that I have to peel, cut, boil & mash/rice to a pulp.  I don’t have that much time on my hands!

One of our other meals I had planned on making this week was tuna casserole, but before I went to the store yesterday I announced to my husband what was on the menu this week, and he balked at the casserole, saying he does NOT like it.  He’s had it before, and hates it.  Oh goodie. :roll:  And I thought I was picky.

He’ll eat tuna sandwiches, but not casserole??  I guess it’s similar to how my dad is with pickles.  He will eat them cold, but absolutely will not eat them on burgers (when they get warm).  Weird people, I tell ya.

So I went with a back up to replace the casserole – baked ziti, for Thursday.  Which I know he DOES like.

Tomorrow is going to be easy – hamburger helper, and Friday will be chicken enchiladas.  Saturday will be chili cooked in the slow cooker.

In a funk

I should be figuring out what this week’s meals are going to be.  But I’m not.

I should be making a shopping list.  But I’m not, I just don’t feel like it.  And I don’t even know what we’ll be cooking this week yet due to the first item above.

I should be compiling a list of key words for another blog, but I’m not.  I don’t feel like it.

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Fall festival at a local farm

We went to a fall festival yesterday morning, with my husband’s brother & family, and their mom.  It was fun, and the temperature outside was just beautiful.  We actually started out wearing light jackets (well, the girls – the Kiddo and her cousins, and myself, anyway) since it was in the mid 60s and breezy.

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No unexpected surprise – so far

The test kit I bought has three tests in it.  I know ideally they’re supposed to be done with first morning pee, but I took one right before bed anyway since the anxiety about not knowing was going to keep me from getting any good sleep.

That one was negative.

I took another one first a.m., and also negative.

Yet I am not quite relieved, since I was on the pill, whow knows when conception would happen, if it happened.  So I’m going to save the last test and take it on Saturday.

I think I am going to forgo the pills this month and start them again when the hag finally shows to get back on track.  We have a stash of alternate protection that hasn’t expired that we’ll just have to use in the meantime.

Something is missing…

I’ll be talking about womanly issues on this post… so if you are a guy and are squicked out at this kind of talk, or even a gal and would rather not read… look away.

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A disappointing end to my weekend

There is a paid posting company that I was patiently waiting to sign up for, and up until this week their ToS said the minimum requirements for “blog age” was 30 days and 10 posts.  I was excited when I realized my blog was old enough to apply, and I sent in my application on September 25.

Usually it would only take a few days for a blog to be reviewed and then acceptd or denied, but when my waiting period had surpassed their typical time frame, I sent in a ticket inquiring about the status.  I was told they were behind about two weeks, but that mine would be reviewed eventually.

THEN they changed their minimum requirements to 90 days & 20 posts.  Mind you, this is *after* I originally submitted my application.  Today, I get a rejection letter, “your blog isn’t old enough, blah blah blah”.

It is quite disappointing to hear this.  I mean, I submitted my blog before they made this change.  How is that fair to me when they were the ones behind a couple of weeks in reviewing blogs?  How is that really fair to ANYONE who was in that queue right along with me?

That’s like a retail store changing the price on a product you have in your hands while you’re standing in line, and refusing to honor the price tag that is both on the product and on the shelf.

Thanks for pulling the rug out from under me.  :sad2:

Go away heartburn

Geeze I’m having some evil heartburn today.  Unfortunately all I had with me was two lonely Rolaids chews, and I had those hours ago.  I can hardly wait until I get home so I can go down some Tums.  Until then I’m drinking water like it’s going out of style since that is all I have besides soda.  I think the soda would probably exacerbate the problem rather than help…