My civic duty

In December I got a jury summons for January 14.  So tonight I have to call the number on the paperwork to see if they still need my group or if I luck out for like the umpteenth time and my group gets dismissed.  I think I’ve gotten five or six summons over the years and have yet to actually set foot in a courthouse because my group always gets dismissed beforehand.

So, will my luck hold out?  Or will I have to trek down and sit all day to see if I get called for a jury?

On the one hand it would be intersting to sit on a jury, depending on the case; on the other, my husband’s schedule will be changing soon – like next week – and if the case runs too long, I may not be able to attend and still drop off/pick up my daughter from preschool.  I guess it just depends on what time they would expect jurors to be present at the court each day and when we’d be released.

And on yet another hand – I tend to get bored easily if I’m sitting around, and when I get bored doing nothing, I have a big tendency to get sleepy and drift off into snoozeville.  It happened a lot in high school and college, and I nod off on the commute to work since I’m not driving… so I don’t think I’d be a good fit for a jury.  Can you imagine?  Some poor sap is giving their testimony and I’m sitting there unconsious and drooling on my shirt and end up getting fined by the court for falling asleep.  Yeah, I am so hoping I either get dismissed tonight or if I do have to go to the courthouse, they find their jurors before they even need to call me in.

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