My achy achy wrist

Dang I must have slept wrong on it last night or something.  It was fine when I went to bed, but when I woke up this morning, it started hurting.  It hurts to bend it all the way forward or back, or hold anything heavier than say, two or three pounds.  This makes doing any sort of heavy lifting – like a 32 lb child, for example – nearly impossible.  Fortunately for me, if it’s a short distance that I need to lift her, I can put my forearms under her underarms and pick her up that way.   This is how I had to handle getting her in and out of the bathtub tonight.

I hope it goes away by morning, I kind of wanted to get out in the front yard and do some more weeding this weekend.  The ones we tackled a couple weeks back, we missed some of the babies and now those have sprouted up like, well, weeds.  And it is starting to look less than attractive.  I can just picture our neighbors grimacing as they drive or walk past our house.

Usually we have a regular couple of landscaper guys who will do the weeding for us, because yeah, we’re that lazy most of the time, but come on!  We live where it gets over 110 degrees in the summer!  I’d rather pay someone else to sweat buckets to pick our weeds!

But I digress… Now that we’re trying to cut back on spending, and because it is starting to get at least a little bit cooler, we’ll have to do it ourselves.  We originally wanted to also treat the yard with pre-emergent killer, but since that is not very cheap, we’ll have to forego it for now and just keep on top of the stinking weeds.  I know weeds grow just about anywhere, but it seems 100x worse when all that is on the other side of the next door neighbor is a big open field of desert plants and weeds.  Coupled with the fact that we simply hate yardwork. LOL

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