In a funk

I should be figuring out what this week’s meals are going to be.  But I’m not.

I should be making a shopping list.  But I’m not, I just don’t feel like it.  And I don’t even know what we’ll be cooking this week yet due to the first item above.

I should be compiling a list of key words for another blog, but I’m not.  I don’t feel like it.

I do feel like I should be pulling out my polymer clay and making stuff.  But I’m not, mostly because by the time I get the colors kneaded, the Kiddo will be up from her nap.  I guess I could pull her table into my room and set her up with some playdoh… but I don’t know.  I’ll need to be going to the store after she wakes up.  If I ever decide what we’re having this week and then make the grocery list.

I also feel like I should be working on some of my blogs, but I can’t get into that either.

It seems like every time I start thinking I need to do something, especially something “creative”, I get this weird sensation that starts in my lower back and rolls down my legs and then I start fidgeting.  I guess the feeling is probably similar to restless leg syndrome – I just feel like I need to move my legs and do anything but what I was thinking about.  Isn’t that weird?  It’s the only time I get that, too, so it does not seem to be conventional RLS.

So here I sit.  Posting on one blog, avoiding working on others or my dinner list or my grocery list… *sigh*  The last two I can’t avoid for very long.  Guess I better get to it.

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3 Responses to “In a funk”

  1. Lori (4 comments) said:

    I can relate!! It took me nearly all day yesterday to do my menu!! I am trying to get the one for next week done earlier!!
    Thrifty Thoughts,
    Mommy Mia’s World,
    Mia’s Motivation &
    Mia’s Menu Mania

  2. Karen (1 comments) said:

    Man do I know how you feel. There are times I just can’t get into it.

    Karen aka marrid66

    4 Cats Make Me Crazy!
    Da Boss And Bryguy
    Here On Columbia Avenue

  3. Jacqueline (1 comments) said:

    I have days like that, today is one of them. I left you an award on my blog Mom to Three Sisters