If your car’s a/c broke last summer – get it fixed now

Gosh I wish I’d known about this site, Discount AC Parts, back when my ’97 SL1’s air conditioning broke a couple years ago.  Of course mine broke just as it was starting to warm up in the spring, and where live, spring is practically summer for everywhere else, so we start running our air conditioning fairly early.

I took it to a mechanic, and was told that my a/c compressor was shot. It was going to cost $1500 to fix it!! The blue book on my car was barely $1200, so there was no way I was going to fork over more than the car was worth just to fix the air conditioning, nor was I going to drive in 115 degree summer heat without an air conditioner (so I got a new car).

However, if I’d known about Discount AC Parts, I found that the ac compressor for my car, brand new, only costs about $400! Granted I still would have needed to find someone to install it for me, but I’m sure someone could probably have done it and kept the entire cost under $1k, and probably could have continued to drive my old car for a few thousand more miles. I really miss that car actually – it got great gas mileage – 35-40 mpg on a good week.

Based on what I found that I could have saved on my own car, I would say it’s worth checking them out if you’re in need of a new a/c compressor for your own car.  My in-law’s drive Toyotas, so if they’re ever in need of a Toyota AC Compressor, I would have to say I’d send them to that site to compare prices.

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