Holiday weekend does not equal a restful weekend

I was essentially off work for five days for Thanksgiving weekend, starting with Wednesday and ending Sunday.  But it was by no means restful.  I think the slowest days  I had were Wednesday and Sunday.

Wednesday was originally supposed to be a day for me to work from home so I could attend a special T-Day lunch at the Kiddo’s preschool, until she got sick the  night before and I ended up doing my work later that night after everyone was in bed, so that in case she was still sick Wednesday I could give my full attention to that.  Wednesday night I made a dessert to bring to Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving was at MIL’s house, but when we got home later and got the Kiddo to bed for a nap, I think we ended up vegging out in a tryptophan stupor catching up on some Tivo’d shows.

Friday I kept the Kiddo home from school so she could have a long weekend, and after some morning errands, which did include a stop at W@l-m@rt, but only to get some plastic storage bins and some lunch, the rest of my afternoon & evening was spent cleaning up around the house.

Saturday my husband went to his brother’s house with the Kiddo, while I stayed home and SIL came over to help tackle the mess that was my bedroom, clearing out clothes that neither I nor my husband wear anymore, nor will we probably ever wear again.  Can you believe I dug up stuff from high school, which was over 15 years ago?  Even better, can you believe that I once wore a size 3/4??  HA! Yeah, that is a size I’ll only ever see in my dreams.

Then Sunday, I wasn’t completely lazy, even though I wanted to be.  I probably did about four or five loads of laundry in addition to the normal two or three that we usually do.

The bright side though, is that the piles of clothes that were strewn about the bedroom are now either thrown away (if they were too holey), or packed into a storage bin for a yard sale or to be donated, or washed and folded and put into our closet!  And I can actually GET to our closet now!  The poor garage is about to burst at the seams though.  Ok that is a slight exaggeration, but it IS getting full. Some of it can eventually be thrown out in the recycling, but the recycling bin is full to the brim and the trash man doesn’t collect until Thursday for recyclables.  So that will be a slow going process since we do not have a pickup to use to take stuff to the dump.

I’m just glad to see the floor again and to be able to get into my closet.  Yay for some progress!  Other than that…the weekend was pretty exhausting.

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