Holiday recovery mode

Whew. That’s all done with… now to recover over the weekend and go back to the grind on Monday.

I did quite a bit of baking this week. Cookies all day Tuesday, and a “deep dish pumpkin pie” last night while we were putting the Kiddo’s “Santa” toys together.  I discovered that I need one of those masher/cutter thing-a-ma-bob’s the next time I make one of those pies.  My crust was definitely not “crumbly”, and it still turned out ok, but I wonder how different it would have been if I’d had the right utensil.

Now I get to kick back, maybe do a little bit cleaning up of my baking mess (but not today), and enjoy the rest of the weekend.  I got a couple of seasons of “Supernatural” on DVD from my husband, which is cool because we fell behind somewhere in the first season due to show conflicts even though we had two Tivos, but I think it was on Thursdays and CSI and some other show took precedence.  So it will be nice to be able to get caught up at least to season 2.

I also go Wrath of the Lich King (World of Warcraft Online) from my husband, but I can’t use that until he gets one of my characters to level 55.  Yes, my husband is leveling one of my characters for me since it will take me FOR-E-VER to do it, and I just want a death knight. LOL  But that is why he got me the two seasons of Supernatural, since it will still be a week or two before my character is level 55.  (and I got my new desk chair from him but I already wrote about that previously).  His other present from me was a pair of slippers since his old ones were in pretty bad shape.

I got a couple of magazine subscriptions (as requested) from his mom and an OTT-Lite (a true color desk light).  He got a season of Dr. Who and Torchwood from his mom, a gift card from his brother, and we both got $50 each from his grandmother and his step-grandmother.  The Kiddo got a baby doll and some clothes from his grandmother; a kids table she can write on with dry erase markers from his step-grandmother; some clothes, pj’s and a game for a Fisher Price “cool school” thing that his mom got for the grandkids, AND some Crayola magic color markers, paints and coloring books from her; and a trunk of dress up outfits from her aunt & uncle.

The Kiddo got quite a bit from us – a cardboard house that she can color on and play in; a Melissa & Doug art easle and a set of paints, chalk, paper and paint brushes to go with it; a Fisher Price “grow and know my name” puppy; the Leapfrog Tag reading system, four books and a carrying case for them all; a HUGE My Little Pony Pinky Pie plush; a new pair of Barbie light up sneakers, and in her stocking along with the mandatory candy and such, a Cheerilee My Little Pony.  I loved My Little Pony when I was young but my parent’s couldn’t really afford them so I only had like two or three.  There around SOMEWHERE in our house, either in the closet here in my office or in the garage somewhere, but only lord knows where at this point.  Anyway, ever since they started putting them out again for kids I’ve been itching to buy some but felt a little weird getting them just for me.  Although I have been sorely tempted to get a set of the little itty bitty ones I’ve seen. LOL

So anyway.  A pretty decent haul for all of us I’d say.  I’m just glad it’s overwith.  I like the holidays and all, and I don’t tend to get super stressed about them or anything, but there is still a little bit of pressure there, particularly if I procrastinate and wait until only a couple of weeks before Christmas to actually start buying anyone anything.

How were your holidays?

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