Here’s another plus for Chrome

So I was going through my Entrecard drops, and came across a site that Chrome would not let me visit.

It tells me that the site is linking to yet another site, that is either hosting malware or has hosted some in the past.

From what I can tell, the site that this blogger is linking to, was probably attacked without their knowledge and for a period of time, they unintentionally hosted some malware, thanks to yet another site that put it there.  That site, IS hosting malware, and has infected well over 400 domains in the last 90 days.


I wrote to the gal via a bulletin board to warn her that an image she was linking to is potentially dangerous, and suggested how she could change it out for one she creates and hosts on her own server and then update the image source for the link.

I think this little built in tool in Chrome would have been handy when my OWN old blog had been hacked, makes me wonder if the hacker had linked me to other sites that hosted malware and such.  That was the incident that pretty much killed my desire to blog for a while, because cleaning it up was one hell of a chore.

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