He does know how to haggle

My husband.  At least with me, anyway, and especially when it comes to wanting to purchase the “latest and greatest” gadgets.

Apple just had one of thier “let’s announce all our new fancy lines of iPods and stuff!” party today, and of course, my husband was all over that.  He was giving me the run down of what things Apple was revamping, what things seemed to have little if any changes, that kind of stuff.

His main interest, at least this time, is in their new Nanos.  They’ve apparently moved back to the longish shape from the version before the last one (the one before this new release was shorter and wider).  Only they increased the screen size a little so they’re more video friendly, and added a cool new function, “shake to shuffle”.  And there are quite a few more colors than previously available.

So of course, he HAS to have one. *rolling my eyes*  I told him I really would prefer not to have to charge anything more on the credit cards, since we really, really, need to start paying those stupid things off.  And we definitely aren’t able to pay for it in cash.  I said if he could sell the two he already has (which is one of the short/wide ones, and one longish one two revisions past), I would consider it.

He countered with offering to pull the weeds in the front yard this weekend, AND find a way to drain what’s left of the water in above ground pool so we can disassemble it and put it up for sale.  I was really more surprsied at the offer to weed the yard since, 1) we usually hire a landscaper to do the work for us (because we’re lazy), and 2) if we can’t afford the $50-$100 for the landscaper, I am usually the one who does the weed pulling.

I caved, and ordered him a new Nano. In the color he favored the most, which is blue.  And opted to do a simple engraving on the back, from me and the Kiddo.  Hey, the engraving is free, so what the heck.

He is lucky to have me for a wife, I think.  And he owes me a yard weeding and a pool draining this weekend. AND I still think he needs to try to sell the other two Nanos as well.

And yes it is after midnight, and I should be sleeping. For some reason I’m just not tired yet. Dang it.

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