Sticky: Friday’s Jewelry Feature

I figured, with the upcoming month of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, that my first feature will be for my awareness bracelets.

Clicking on the images will take you to the product page.

I will offer these at $10 off the normal price of $36.95 (for the 8″ bracelets), until September 19th, or until they are sold out.  I have enough supplies to make seven more identical to the ones pictured in 8″ or smaller sizes. I also still have the 8″ and 9″ pictured available, for a total of 9 bracelets.  Any purchased beyond the two already available will need to made on demand, so will take an additional week to create from the date of purchase.

The coupon code is AWARE08 (yes it is case sensitive), and can only be used ONCE per person.  This coupon cannot be used on any other product in the store, ONLY these bracelets.  Also, I am unable to combine coupons at this time, so the free shipping coupon will be unavailable to those using this special coupon.

If you have ANY problems shopping at my store during this special, please PLEASE let me know here, or via the contact page at my store.

Happy shopping!

Come back on September 19th to see my next available special!

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5 Responses to “Sticky: Friday’s Jewelry Feature”

  1. melissa (1 comments) said:

    These are very sweet, and lovely. I imagine they fly out of your store. Breast cancer awareness, is a very hot topic.

  2. nw (8 comments) said:

    Thanks. I hope this helps them move 🙂

  3. Monica (5 comments) said:

    I’m so waiting for when I get paid…. fer cryin’ out loud! :alien2:

  4. JenRenee (1 comments) said:

    Those are lovely, and will spread awareness. Great Job! I also wanted to tell you I left you an award on my blog. :gift: Check it out here.

    Oh and I looove all those smiley faces to choose from. Hard to pick just one. LOL!

  5. nw (8 comments) said:

    @JenRenee – Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! *blush* I’ll have to attend to doling out my picks for awards sometime over the next few days. Thanks again!! :cool2: