Flu shots – do you get one?

To my recollection, I have never received a flu shot, not even while I was pregnant with the Kiddo.  I *almost* got one then, I stood in line at a nearby grocery store only to find out they only had shots for non-pregnant adults and elderly.  By then I saw no point at having to schedule one more appointment at my gyno just for a stupid flu shot, so I left it at that and did not get one.

Wouldn’t you know, I didn’t get the flu that year?

Actually I think I’ve only ever had the flu like maybe three times in my life – once in high school (I swear I slept for an entire day), once just after my husband and I got together in college (or that could have been just a really bad cold), and then once more after that (which I strangely cannot remember exactly when, but it was before the Kiddo was born).

I guess I have kind of lucked out in that respect.  Often when my husband would get sick (whether it be flu or cold), it would skip right over me.  Or I’d get a very toned down version of whatever he had – if it was a full blown cold, I’d maybe get a sore throat, or maybe just a bit stuffy in the head.  Heck, even the first time I had to stay home with a sick Kiddo, complete with her barfing all over my nightgown (I had nothing else handy to catch it, so nightgown it was), I managed to escape catching what she had.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely immune to everything. Once in a while I would get broadsided, though, and get it just as bad, or if my husband only had a slight cold, mine would be five times worse.

And since the Kiddo started going to daycare? Yeah, my luck has started dwindling a little bit and the colds and sniffles and sore throats are a bit more frequent visitors than in times past.  Last January I was getting fed up because three weeks out of that dang month I was sick with stinkin’ sinus infections.  I got over the first one, and then got smacked upside the head by the second.  I think I had a one week reprieve, and then got hit a third time.  That month sucked.

I think it was also this year that the little stinker passed Pink Eye to me, too.  Yeah, THAT was fun. :roll:

Nevertheless, I don’t think I’ll be getting a flu shot this year, either.  We didn’t get one for the Kiddo last year and she fared ok, but we may get one for her this year.  I’m still on the fence about it, though.

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2 Responses to “Flu shots – do you get one?”

  1. Babette (4 comments) said:

    I’m all for the Flu shot. We all get one every year including my 9 yr old. This year, they changed the recommendations and suggested the shots for kids until the age of 19 (I think). In my experience, we only get the sniffles and nothing more. I believe that without the shot, we could’ve been ill longer and more often. There are a few people that get a bad reaction from these shots though.

  2. Christine (6 comments) said:

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