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Starting tomorrow, I am going to start a small featurette for my jewelry store to try to ramp up some business over there.  I will feature one item from the store either every Friday, or every other Friday, and offer a discount on that item.  How steep of a discount, I haven’t yet decided.  Maybe as much as 25% off, but likely no more than that.

I haven’t really added anything recent since, oh, June I think.  Most of that is because while I thought I had a pretty decent idea with my “summer drink” series, I only received minimal feed back on the few things I did put together, and absolutely zero nibbles in sales.  That kind of does a lot to squash any of my own enthusiasm for adding additional pieces to the series.

In addition to the fact that I haven’t had the money to get some more supplies for some new ideas I’ve had rolling around in my head, I need to do some sales in order to cover that expense.

A couple of things I will note before I start that tomorrow, though:

1) I am not set up to do international sales.  I might consider selling to people in Canada, but my store isn’t set up for those either, I don’t think, at least not yet.  So if you’re international, sorry.  I’m just not prepared to do international sales right now.

2) Paypal is the payment option right now.  I believe it is set up so that you can either use your Paypal account, or when it takes you to Paypal’s site, you can enter your credit card (securely, of course) and not have to sign into PayPal completely.  However, if you chose to use your Paypal account, please make sure that your account is completely confirmed.  Otherwise it will NOT let you use your account, it will deny the transaction.   Confirmed accounts only via that method!  Otherwise, just a credit card will be fine.

That’s about it I think.  Feel free to hop over to my site and take a look at what I have in the meantime.  I think for now I am going to fiddle around with making some little thumbnails in preparation for the featurette tomorrow.

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