Early Christmas at my house

For my husband and I, anyway.  Both of our “big gifts” arrived today, and since mine was ungainly large, we went ahead and “gave” each other our gifts.

I got a new office chair. :grin2: I’ve been wanting one for a while because the chairs we had, we’ve had them for what seems like forever, probably at least since just after we moved into our house, and that was nearly ten years ago.  The backs were attached to the seat and the arm rests were attached to both the back and the seat, so the only thing that was adjustable on them was the height.  The arm rests always hit the keyboard tray or even the desk, which does not allow for proper posture when sitting.

My new one has adjustable arm rests, adjustable tilt and the back of the seat adjust up and down and can do a slight recline.  And of course the height of the chair.  I can already feel a huge difference sitting in it compared to my old chair.  So so so so happy to have a new chair!

Hubby’s gift was a pair of quite pricey headphones. 🙂  He needs a new chair too (same old chair style that I had), so we’ll look into getting him one next sometime after the new year I think.

The Kiddo’s gifts are all gonna wait until Christmas.  Sorry girly!  I don’t think she’ll notice too much.

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  1. Lazy Housewife (4 comments) said:

    Yay hope the office chair is comfy!