Dodging tomatoes

My husband and I are registered as Independents.  We’re not liberal, but neither are we conservative.  We’re moderates, having similar opinions about topics between both parties.  If I had to actually put us in either one or the other, we’re probably more or less moderate republican.

We’re registered Independent, mainly to avoid getting a slew of political material from either of the parties, but also for the reason I stated above.  During the last election, we voted Kerry, because we were tired of Bush. I think during the 2000 election we also did not vote for Bush.  Was it Gore who ran against him then?  I can’t remember, since whoever we voted for did not win.

This election, however… I think we’re both leaning toward McCain.  Back when there were no clear indications of who would be going head to head in November, Obama did look to be an interesting option.  Although I also had Romney on my radar.  My husband did not, though. He had eyes on Obama.

All we definitely, 100% agreed on, though, was we definitely did NOT want to see Hillary.  We both said that if it came down to Hillary against McCain, we’d vote McCain.  But if it was Obama vs McCain, we’d have to watch all of the debates closely to ultimately decide.

Then my husband read about something that went down between McCain and Obama that just left me dumbfounded, and extremely disappointed… in Obama.  I guess at some point, it was proposed – by Obama – that they both sign up to use public funds, which are extremely limited in $ amount, for their campaign money.  McCain agreed, and submitted his paperwork. Then supposedly Obama backpeddled, and changed his mind before he submitted his paperwork.  Meaning he could use money he raised – which he is good at doing, and therefore has quite a bit at hand – instead of the limited funds.  Meanwhile, McCain would be stuck using the limited public fund.

That just wrankled my hide to no end.  That just seemed to me to be an underhanded way of sticking it to the McCain party and forcing them to rely wholly on the public fund.  Meanwhile, Obama continues to raise money hand over fist.  To me, it just makes Obama lose face, and puts a tic on the “cons” column in my mental comparison chart.  There was really no reason at all to pull that crap, for a long time it’s been obvious that Obama is much better at raising funds than McCain.  Why not let it be?  Why pull this underhanded crap?  Obama would outpace McCain in raised funds, probably for the rest of the campaign. Even with the addition of Palin, I don’t see there would be any way that McCain would overtake Obama in fund raising.

Some people may see this stunt to simply be a clever move on Obama’s part.  To me, it just makes me wonder… if he is so willing to pull that when running against his competition, what kind of garbage could he pull on the American public were he to take the Presidential win?

I will still watch the debates with an open mind, but after this stunt, there will always be a little voice of doubt in my mind about his statements.

Ok, go ahead & throw your tomatoes. 😛

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