Do you do that at home??

One of my biggest pet peeves here at work, aside from incessant noise (you know, like when people click their pens constantly), are what I like to term “squatters”.

Yes, this is bathroom talk, so if you don’t want to read, avert your eyes.

Anyway.  Squatters are ladies who don’t sit on the toilet, but instead, hover over it, to go potty.  I don’t know if anyone has noticed?  But women are not that great with aim when it comes to going potty.  That is why we sit!!  But if you hover… it is quite likely you are going to splatter onto the toilet.  Gross!!  There is little I hate more than to walk into a stall, and see pee on the toilet seat.  In a women’s restroom.  I mean, come ON!

The company provides these neat little covers for the seats if you’re paranoid about setting your tushie on a public toilet!  USE THEM!!   GAAAH!!! *insert runs-away-screaming-smilie here*

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One Response to “Do you do that at home??”

  1. Identity Crisis Girl (5 comments) said:

    I have a friend who’s a “squatter,” who CLAIMS she has perfect aim. It bugs me to no end. I could go into the gory details, but it’s just too appalling!