Did they find Caylee?
December 12th, 2008 @ 2:49 pm

Last night on the way home from the Christmas show that my husband and I went to, we heard on the news that a child’s body was found in Orlando, not too far away from the missing girl’s grandparents’ house.

Hearing that, my heart sank.  I’ve held onto some hope that Caylee would be found alive, but her mother’s myriad of stories and lies have always been way too fishy sounding to allow me to believe completely that that poor little girl was still alive.  And with the news of this discovery less than half a mile from her grandparents’ house, and hearing that as far as law enforcement is aware, there are no other missing children’s cases in that immediate area, well… I don’t have a lot of confidence that those remains belong to anyone else.

I will never understand what could bring someone to harm such an innocent person.  Yes children can be frustrating – believe me, I have a 35 month old girl so I know firsthand – but there is really no excuse at all to kill a child.  None.  It always makes me feel sick to hear about the death of a child of any age at the hands of a parent… or of the mother’s boyfriend… or by anyone at all.

If it does turn out that the remains are Caylee’s – may her soul rest in peace – then will come the matter of figuring out if her mother is to blame.  That should be quite interesting, although from what I have read they do already have a bit of evidence that links her to her daughter’s demise.  I’ll definitely be following this case as it goes on.

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