Caution: infrequent posting may lie ahead
January 28th, 2009 @ 11:09 am

Yeah I know, I’ve been less than great about keeping up around here.  Sorry. I just tend to get in moods – some weeks I’ll post every day, multiple times a day… Others you may not hear from me for an entire week.  That’s just the way I roll (ha ha).

Lately – and usually – I think it’s because since my job entails being online all day – not necessarily surfing the web, as that is not my job, but just being on the computer – by the time I get home, I may get on my computer to check email and such, or IM my husband, but blogging is the last thing on my mind otherwise.  Since I joined that Christi Friesen class for a steampunk gryphon, much of my time has been spent either looking for old watch parts, and now that I have those, I’ve been working on my gryphon.  (yes, I will post photos when its complete)

Then my daughter requested I make something for her; her first request was a puppy.  So I set about making one she could play with, but before I could put its head on, she woke up from her nap the other day, saw the splotchy spots on its body, and declared it a cow.  So a cow it became.  It has short stumpy legs and no horns (safety, you know), but it is cow-ish and she likes it.  She gets upset if she misplaces it.

She still wants her puppy, though, so instead of another play toy, I told her I’d make one for a necklace – mainly because that silly cow took a good four hours just to put together, and I wanted something simpler for her second request so I could still work on my own stuff, too. LOL  So it’s going to be a necklace bead a bit larger than the circumference of a quarter, accompanied by two doggie bone beads, two large circle beads and two smaller circle beads, with hearts on them.

Oh, and her color request for the puppy?  Pink.  Heh.  So I compromised with her and said I’d maker her a white puppy with pink ears.  So that is what I made, a white pup with pink ears and a darker pink bow, and the circle beads are the same color pink as the ears, and the hearts are white and dark pink.  Yep, I’ll post pix of those, too, when they’re cooked.  I figure later tonight I’ll cook those and part of the gryphon (or maybe the rest of him, too, depending on time).

So that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing in my off time, rather than blogging… working with polymer clay and perusing the yahoo groups for my class and Christi’s other group.

Oh, I also made a filly bead based on her style, too, that is done but I’m not done stringing the necklace for it, once that’s all done I’ll include pics of that, too.  I’m still trying to decide how to do the clasp for it, it’s a bit heavy for a necklace so I’m thinking about making another polymer clay bead to make a toggle clasp with, I figure that would offer the best support for it.  Just gotta find the time to make that one stinkin’ little bead. LOL

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